Poem about a Rose

Yellow & Red Flwrs

This is my latest Basket of Flowers ready for Church.

Not sure what the tree is called that the Yellow flowers are from but they do look very pretty.   The tree is taller than one of our sheds – so is not a shrub.

The Red Flowers are peeping over from my neighbours fence the whole arrangement I think looks very nice.

In the background are the large soft green leaves of the Poinciana tree.


I thought we would have a poem today:

Poem about a Rose

Rose Bud


Well you may not have a Rose to put in a vase for your home but you can always put another sort of flower indoors to look at and it will brighten up your room for a few days.  That would be a lovely thing to do.


Psalm:  Chapter 13 verse 6

I will sing to The LORD for He has been good to me.


*  Have a Lovely Day Today

maybe there will be

a special Flower

for you to look at *


eBook: is Flowers for the Altar

ApricotRoseDarkRose animation.gif Slower


Back from Holiday

Dutchmans Pipe Flwr

Back from Holiday I found these marvellous flowers that I thought had been lost forever from my garden.  I thought you may like to see them.  One Name for them is Dutchman’s Pipe.

Dutcmans Pipe Flwr2016

The above photo is of the Buds with the flowers just starting to come out.

Dutchmans Pipe Buds 2

This one above is just a normal photo that I took and shows the Sunrays coming through  – giving the picture a rainbow effect, which I thought looked really special to share.


While on holiday a friend of one of my Daughters made me some Gluten Free Biscuits as an Easter Present.  They were very nice so I asked for the recipe…….so here we are…….

Gluten Free Easter Biscuits

8 oz flour

4 oz butter

3 oz caster sugar + bit for sprinkling on top

2 oz currents

1 egg

Grated rind one lemon (other citrus also works)

1 teaspoon mixed spice


Cream butter and sugar

Add all other ingredients

Kneed to mix

Roll out about 1/4 inch thick,

Glacé with a little milk and sprinkle with extra caster sugar Cook for about 15 mins in 175deg c oven Enjoy


Psalm:  13 Verse 6

I will sing to The Lord for He has been good to me.


Yes The Lord has been good to me – allowing me to go on holiday to meet up with some of my family who I only get to see once a year as we live so far away.

He took me there and back safely which was a blessing and coming home I found these lovely flowers that the photo’s are of which was a special surprise.


*  I hope you have a lovely Day and that you are able to have a holiday very soon if you have not had one for a while  *


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