Time is now

PinkRoses in vase

Here is a lovely Basket of Flowers – Roses & Geraldton Wax


I thought we would start off with a Poem today especially as it is New Year Time.  Which I hope will be a really excellent 2016 for all who finds this page to read.



The above Poem is copied from the Book ‘Godly Verses’ by J.M.R. Larman.


It gives us really something to think about because all the things in the above Poem seem to be right.  It is good to spend TIME to contemplate about TIME and what you yourself think about it.

The Days come and the Days go and there never seems to be enough TIME to do all the things we would like to do.

But God says not to worry about tomorrow as there is enough to think about today.

One good thing I believe – is not to put off till tomorrow what you can do today (that is the English way) but many people think it best to leave things for the next day hoping that someone else will do it for them.  Well if they don’t it makes more work for the next day, what a blessing if we have already found TIME to do it.

Clock Round


Avocado on Toast

Slice Ripe Carnarvon Avocado onto Toast,

Sprinkle with Vinegar & Pepper.

Very nice for lunch with Salad or on it’s own.


* God Bless you today and for the coming year 2016 with Love & Contentment where ever you are and what ever you do *





Christmas Blessings



A Variety of Flowers make up a different kind of basket.

 Even putting in a couple of odd Vinca’s in makes it look nice. 

If you are not keen on the perfume from the Vinca Flowers – spray over the whole arrangement with one of your favouite perfumes.

These are set in wet Oasis, so will only last for the day like this.  It is best after using them for your display area that the flowers be tranfered to a vase when you arrive home.  They should then keep nice for a week in the house. 


This Poem reminds us of our loved ones that cannot visit us for Christmas.  It really is a Poem for someone that we know we shall not be able to see anymore for one reason or another.


There is an awakening in my heart to-day,

I feel that you are not far away

but I cannot see you anymore.

Although your memory lingers on

and in my heart you are here to stay.


The above is part of a  Poem  ‘Where is that Special Place’  from the Book: ‘Godly Verses’ by: J.M.R.Larman.


Recipe:    How about some Nibbles for Christmas:

Stuffed Dates

Pitted Dates + Marzipan

Cut a small slice of Marzipan and put into the opening in the Date where the stone has been taken out.

Arrange on a Platter, Cover and keep cold in Fridge until needed.

How simple is that then?  and they are very YUMMY!


2 John: Chapter 1 verse 6
And this is love; that we walk in obedience to His commands.  As you have heard from the beginning, His command is that you walk in love.


* God Bless Us for Christmas & New Year as we try to walk in love with our family & friends & people we meet along life’s way*

God Bless You.




Sculpture Dried Palms

Not a Basket of Flowers today but  –

Sculptures of Dried Palm Ends.

Well we can’t be serious all the time can we?

I thought these would look great and make a change to look at in my garden that needs a lot of care at the moment.  So I think they look quite good and should last for sometime.  Obiously they are not likely to grow  –  will just stand there looking strange and interesting.  Would be quite a talking point I thought until one of my friends doubled up with laughter wondering what they were.  Get rid of them another said ‘throw them in the bin’ but no, they can stay for a while.

Just think before you throw out the old Palm Fronds or Stems what you can use them for, in the house as a flower arrangement or in the garden as I have done here.  The thing is that family don’t always understand our thinking but as long as we are happy with the result – well there you are then.


Blue Snowflake

How about a Recipe: ?????

Dried Fig Jam

2lb. Dried Figs.  3lb. – Granulated Sugar, Strained Juice of 2-Lemons, One and half pints Water.

Soak the Figs in a bowl of water for 12hours, rinse in Fresh Water, cut into small pieces, removing any hard little pieces of stem.  Put into a preserving pan with a pint and a half of Hot Water and simmer until tender.  Stir in the Lemon Juice and Sugar and continue to cook until the Preserve is thick.

Pot while hot & cover.

Taken from the  Book: ‘Carnarvon Recipes’ by: J.M.R. Larman.


Bible Reading:

James:  Chapter 3 verse 18.

Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.


Just think how good it would  be to be a peacemaker, someone who tries to keep the peace and not cause strife to anyone.   Well we can but try can’t we?

Sculpture Dried Palms

I hope you have a lovely Day today,


sow something nice into your Garden


into a Flower Pot.






Spirit Wind of God

Ferns with Flowers

Ferns/Frods? from our Palms were used for this unusual Basket of Flowers for our latest Arrangement. 


The above flower arrangement did look nice from a distance in the Church.  A bit too big to bring indoors unless you have a very large room to put it it.  But if you would like to use the dried fronds that die off from your Palms – well, you can always cut them down to fit your new arrangement and have a bit of fun to make them look nice. It can be a good talking point when your friends come to visit.

This makes a nice change to use some of the dried flower leaves or fronds before they are thrown away.


Here is a Poem for today that I especially like, it was written quite a while ago but it is still a favourite.

Blue Feather

Spirit Wind of God

The Poem was taken form the book: ‘Godly Verses’ by J.M.R. Larman.


Here is an easy Recipe for:

Roast of Goat.

1- Leg of Goat; 1 Clove of Garlic; Mustard; Sherry (Optional); Mint Flakes: Oven Bag;

Cut the Garlic in slices. Cut Slits in the top of skin of Goat, place Garlic in the Slits.  Spread the Skin with some Mustard. Sprinkle with Mint Flakes and Roast in Oven Bag Slowly until tender.

That should be very nice and easy to do.

You could substitute the Goat for Lamb.

Ferns with Flowers

* I Pray you have a lovely day today with your Cooking and Flower Arranging *