Avocado Prawn Cocktail.

Avocado Prawn Cocktail.

2 – Ripe Avocado’s, half -Cup Prawns (cooked ,peeled), Seafood Dressing, Pepper & Garlic Powder to taste. 4 – thin Slices Red Capsicums; Onion chopped fine if liked.


Cut Avocado’s in half, take out seed, fill each with Prawns & Onion, Spoon over the Seafood Dressing. Sprinkle with Garlic Powder & Pepper.

Decorate with a piece of Capsicum on each.

Keep cold in fridge until ready to serve as a starter.


Use any cold cooked white Fish (diced) or a mixture of Fish & Prawns. Garlic & Pepper can be mixed in with the Seafood dressing if liked instead of sprinkling on top.


The above recipe is taken from the book: Carnarvon Favourite Recipes.

Here is the link for the book:

“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

Have you seen the WOGA – WOGA Children’s book?


This is a great little book for children to learn to Read, Write, Count, Colour In.


I hope you have a lovely day and maybe enjoy the Avocado Prawn Cocktail Starter


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