How about FISH for Dinner?

My Lovely display of Artificial Flowers in a Basket with Fresh Palm Leaves.

How about choosing to have Fish for dinner –

it is excellent protein for us and can be very tasty.

Here is a Pen & Ink Drawing that I did of a Fish.

Yes This is a Fish….not sure what sort though.

So what Fish do you like to eat?

I think I like most Fish really and find there are lots of ways to cook them.

The main Fish around here are ….North West Snapper, Black Snapper, Pink Snapper, Taylor, Mullet, Yellow Tail.. Also Crabs and Cray’s (Lobster)

Non edible Fish or Creature’s are: Dolphin, Sharks (the small Sharks are good to eat) Groupers, Blowies, Sea Snakes, Turtles and the usual small Sea Creatures that abound in most places like Star Fish, Jelly Fish, Stone Fish, Cuttle Fish. We have beautiful beaches that you can stand on the Shore to Fish from.

Our beaches can rival the best of anywhere in the world.

Here is a Recipe:Salmon Mornay

415g,tin-Pink Salmon; 2cups-Cooked Long grain Rice; Cheese Sauce; Grated Cheese; White Pepper.


Spread the Cooked Rice into a Lamington Dish, Pile the Salmon on top of the Rice, Cover with your Favourite Cheese Sauce and Top with Grated Cheese. Sprinkle with the White Pepper.

Put into a hot oven until heated through and Cheese has melted.

Serve Hot.



Tuna can be used instead of Salmon.

Other tasty things to make with Fish are: – Fish Cakes, Fish Fingers, Prawn Cocktails, Fried Fish, Fish Curry (one of my favourites) Poached Fish and Grilled Fish.

So if you do not feel like cooking any of the above just buy some Fish & Chips ready cooked and you will still be getting a really good Fish Meal.

This is my Painting of a Scary Fish!!!!

Hope you like and enjoy Fishy Cooking and Eating – maybe share a Fish meal with a friend


You will find Fish Recipes in the Book above available via the Link.

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