Carnations in Jug

Pink Carnarnations in Jug


The Carnarnations were given to me as a Birthday Boquet so I put them in this jug which seems to set them off very well.  After a few days if you cut a small part off of the bottom of the stem the flowers will last much longer and you can put half a teaspoon of sugar in the water for them to feed on.  (I think they like that) **************


Here is a Recipe you may like to try:

Baked Egg Custard:  Use an ovenproof dish for this.

Whip up 2-Eggs.  Cover with Cold Milk & stir in (1 Tablespoon) of Sugar.  Sprinkle a little Nutmeg on top.  Cook in Slow Oven till Set.                                                      


What about a Poem for this week –

Poem of Truth

Poem is taken from the Book: ‘For the Kingdom of God’ by Author: J.M.R. Larman.


A Bible Reading is-

Psalm: 7 verse 10

My shield is God Most High, who saves the upright in heart.


* God Bless you

I hope you

have a

lovely day today *



Water is needed


A lovely Boquet of Flowers


Have you looked at a Flower today,

have you smelt it,

have you felt it.

Do you have any that need watering today?


Today I found that my retriculation had not been working – Oh Dear – that is why the garden down that side of the house near the fence looked like it was dying. So that part of the garden had not been watered for sometime.

Thank goodness I do have a long garden hose, so I was able to give the plants a good drink and later on today hope to give them another drink to bring them back to life.

Now I will have to find out why they were not being watered – could be that the battery had stopped working – or maybe a leak somewhere in the retriculation pipe.


When you think of it – we are like flowers – if we don’t have water we will die.

How lucky we are in this country that we can just turn on the tap, fill a cup or glass with clean clear water and drink it – just like that – 

For my part I can thank God that we are so blest that we have enough water to drink and to use on our plants, flowers and also for the growing of our fruit and vegetables.

Romans: Chapter 1 verse 16

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.

Brown Angel

God Bless you today – have a lovely Day today –







Set Free

Here is a Poem for today:  taken from the Book ‘For the Kingdom of God’ by Author J. Larman.

To be set Free.

I’ve been set free to Worship The Lord, our King of love for ever adored.  Holy Spirit you love Him so.  Teach me now, till into Heaven I go.  To be there with Jesus our Saviour above.  Filled ever-more with His glorious Love.

A love so big so strong so true.  Waiting there-also especially for you.  so don’t sit and dream of what might be.  God really is there for you and me.  Let us rise in the mornings and sing His praise.  Look forward now to those Heavenly days.

Here on earth you can have the Lord’s love. God sent His Holy Spirit, represented by the Dove.  If you open your heart to let Jesus in  –  He will take away your fear and your sin.  Then after that invite His Holy Spirit too to dwell in Him and He in you.

Then you will be set free to worship The Lord, Jesus Christ our King, who is also, – by Angels adored.  God sends His Angels to minister to us.  They are so quiet, never making a fuss and they love The Lord truly as surely we must.  So in God, Jesus – God’s Son and The Holy Spirit, let’s put our trust.


Brown Angel


Bible Verse:

Ephesians:  Chapter 4 Verse 1

As a prisoner for The Lord,

then I urge you to live a life worthy of the

calling you have received.


Well I believe it is really good to be a Prisoner for The Lord, so that we can walk in the Peace, Love, Contentment and Joy.  Also we can pray effective Prayers knowing that as a Christian Jesus hears our prayers.  Let us Pray and ask what calling we have from God to work for Him on this Earth.  It can be just something that we are comfortable with i.e. helping our families or friends, we are not all called to be great Evangelists but we are called to share the Love of Jesus and the Gospel to others.


Have a lovely Day as you practice being

a Prisoner for The Lord Jesus.

*  God  Bless You  *






The Times They are A’Changing

What is Changing?????????


This was one of our lovely Hanging Baskets.

The Times They are A Changing

This Poem is taken from the Book Godly Verses. Author J.M.R. Larman.

Blue Feather

Here is a Bible Reading:

Psalm: 100 verse 3

Know that The LORD is God.

It is He who made us

and we are His, we are His people,

the sheep of His pasture.


I hope you like today’s Poem…..God Bless you.  

Also I Pray that you have a good day and that our Lord Jesus will continue to heal you in your Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body.


Blue Feather