Water is needed


A lovely Boquet of Flowers


Have you looked at a Flower today,

have you smelt it,

have you felt it.

Do you have any that need watering today?


Today I found that my retriculation had not been working – Oh Dear – that is why the garden down that side of the house near the fence looked like it was dying. So that part of the garden had not been watered for sometime.

Thank goodness I do have a long garden hose, so I was able to give the plants a good drink and later on today hope to give them another drink to bring them back to life.

Now I will have to find out why they were not being watered – could be that the battery had stopped working – or maybe a leak somewhere in the retriculation pipe.


When you think of it – we are like flowers – if we don’t have water we will die.

How lucky we are in this country that we can just turn on the tap, fill a cup or glass with clean clear water and drink it – just like that – 

For my part I can thank God that we are so blest that we have enough water to drink and to use on our plants, flowers and also for the growing of our fruit and vegetables.

Romans: Chapter 1 verse 16

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.

Brown Angel

God Bless you today – have a lovely Day today –








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