Gluten Free Date & Banana Cake *

Just Artificial & Dried Flowers today but they still look lovely.

Do you like Bananas and Dates? This is a Gluten Free recipe that I have made and seems to work O.K. It is also good to eat for anyone who is not gluten free. So all family can hopefully enjoy it.

I also found it was quite tasty with butter and lemon curd (spread) or jam put on it when you cut a slice to eat.

Round ones are good but I made a square one which is easier to slice and butter.

Here is my new Recipe:……

Date & Banana Cake:

3cups: Gluten Free Self Raising Flour.

1cup: Dates + heaped Teaspoon Bi-Carb.

2: Banana’s or (3 small ones) Mashed

Sugar to taste at least half a cup.

1teaspoon: White Vinegar.

2oz: Margarine.


To Soak Dates: Sprinkle with the Bi-Carb, – Cover with Boiling Water – allow to soak half to 1hour. (I find it best to cut Dates in half before soaking to make sure no date stones are in them).

Rub Margarine into Flour with your hands, then Mix All Together (yes – put Date Water in) if necessary add a bit more water but don’t make the mixture too wet.

Put into lined Baking Tin….

Sprinkle over the top of Cake Mixture with extra Sugar.

Bake in over 180deg. approx. 1hour.


Here is a Link for my Recipe Book: above recipe not in it! “Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

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