Almond Milk Jelly

Beautiful colours on these lovely Flowers.

Here is the recipe for the Almond Milk Jelly:

500mls. (that is 2cups) of Almond Milk (homemade if possible)

One & half Teaspoons – of Gelatine dissolved in small quantity of water

One Teaspoon – Almond Essence

Small amount – just a couple of teaspoons of Sugar if you like it sweet.


In a shallow dish – mix all together – put in fridge to set for a few hours.

I did put some cold cooked cherries in the dish before adding the Milk mixture. But not necessary – you can add a small amount of fruit if you like.

To Serve:

* Nice to eat on its own or with Cereal and Fruit or even with Ice-cream *


Here is the Link for our Recipe Book……. but the above Recipe is not in it…..

Almond Milk Jelly is a new one today.

“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

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* I hope you enjoy trying out the new Recipe for Almond Milk Jelly !*