Tender Love

Roses in Frame

 Here is my Poem for today:  especially if you have a new born Baby.

Little One.

Little one sleeping there,

Tender Love Divine.

Little one Sleeping there,

Are you truly mine.

Has God given you to me,

Tender love Divine?

Has God given you to me?

Yes,  –  You’re truly mine.



Deuteronomy:  Chapter verse 27

The Eternal God is your refuge

and underneath

are the everlasting arms.

Tender Love Divine is something we can lavish on our Babies, sometimes we love them so much, it is hard to believe that God Loves Us with an Everlasting Love.  Let us carry on that love that The Lord God has put into our hearts towards others during our life on this earth.

May The Love of God be with you today whatever your circumstances are, do not be robbed of the fact that Jesus Loves you just as you are.

God Bless You with Love to Share.


BlueStar Ani