Poem: “The Day is Here”

Beautiful Arrangement of Pretend Flowers.

I thought this arrangement looks very Cheerful….it is surprising what you can do with some Artificial Flowers if you do not have any real ones.*

Here is a Poem for us Today:

I hope you like today’s*** Poem written by Jessie.

When you think of it – each day is a new day for us.

That is a real blessing to be able to do something different each day.


This is something Different –

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Psalm: 104 verse 1 – I will sing of your Love & Justice; to You O LORD, I will sing Praise.

A Good Memory

Can you see the busy Little Bee on the flower – this is on of my better photos. These Daisy Flowers grow close to the ground and make a lovely picture.

Today I thought we would have a sort of Poem about remembering things…. as we get a bit older we do tend to forget a few things and have to stand and think for a moment whether we a coming or going or where we have put something that we cannot find.

Then sometimes when we are looking for the lost item – we then may wonder what we are actually looking for. For some people it can be their glasses to hunt for – eventually finding they already have them on their face.

Maybe you have never gone into another room and stood at the door wondering why you are going in there to get something……and can’t remember what it was!!! Well, that day may one day come – you never know.

So best thing is to go back to where you were – look around and you suddenly may remember what you were going into the next room for, it may be a simple as that.!

Here is my Poem……. hope you like it:

I Just Remembered

I just remembered, did I forget to do that, or – did I do it and forget that I did it?

I forget now but if I do it now and  I have already done it, that means that I would have done it twice.

Best if I don’t do it now.  I may not have done it at all if I didn’t do it in the first place.

What a dilemma, why did I just think that I hadn’t done it, then think that maybe I had.

Well I remember thinking that I should but I wonder if I did.

  The best thing is to go and look I suppose – now what was it that I think I forgot to do.

I can’t remember now, best to have a Cuppa and think about it later.


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“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

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Bible Verse: Psalm: 10 verse 4…… in his pride the wicked does not seek Him: in all his thought’s there is no room for God.



“Flowers for the Altar”

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I hope you have a lovely day remembering all nice things.


Flap Jacks

with Sleeping Hybiscus

A lovely Basket of Flowers for today….The Red ones hanging down are Sleeping Hibiscus, they do not open any more than they are on the photo, therefore called Sleeping but are very pretty and can grow into a nice hedge.  Geraldton Wax and Yellow Lantana with the Brown coloured leaves make a beautiful display. 

How about a Recipe:

Here we have one for Flap Jacks, the children will love them, they can be cut into squares and used for Afternoon Tea.

Ingredients:   6oz. Butter or Margarine: 6oz – Demerara Sugar; 8oz Rolled Oats; pinch of salt.

Method:      Cream the  Butter until soft.  Mix together Sugar, Oats & Salt then Stir into the Butter.  Transfer the mixture to greased tin 9″ by 12″ spread evenly.  Bake for 30mins.  at Reg. 5. (about 180deg Cel) When cooked leave for a few minutes in the tin, then cut into squares or fingers.

Taken from my Recipe Book – Page 17 – Carnarvon Favourite Recipes –


What about a Poem then ?

It is called –  * I Just Remembered *

I just remembered, did I forget to do that

or – did I do it and forget that I did it?

I forget now but if I do it now and

 I have already done it, that means that I

would have done it twice.

Best if I don’t  do it now.

 I may not have done it at all

if I didn’t do it in the first place.

What a dilemma, why did I just think that

I hadn’t done it, then think that maybe I had.

Well I remember thinking that I should

but I wonder if I did.

  The best thing is to go and look I suppose –

– now what was it that I think I forgot to do.

I can’t remember now, best to have a Cuppa

and think about it later.

***** Jessie

Maybe you can relate to the poem……as we get older it is sometimes a problem to remember where we have put things in that special place – the place where we thought we would remember that we had put them.  Eventually they will be in a special place just to surprise us – when we do find them.   !!!

Rose Bud

Psalm:  Chapter 27 verse 1:  The Lord is my light and my Salvation – whom shall I fear?


Any Donation however small will be greatly received towards publishing my Christian Books, Blogs, Cards, Paintings, Ministry etc., God Bless you and Thank you: Jessie.


“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

You may like to check the above link that is where the Flap Jack recipe was taken from.

Hope you have a lovely day Today.



Live together in Unity


Red and Orange coloured Flowers make a Beautiful

Arrangement for you today.


Recipe that you may like to make:

Zucchini Bake  – Slice.

1-small….. Zucchini-grated


half cup…Vegetable Oil

1-cup…….S.R. Flour


Bacon Pieces

1-cup……Grated Cheese.

Method:  Mix all Ingredients together and put in Baking Dish in  Moderate Oven – 40 – 60- mins.

*  Quite nice when cold the next day  *

Taken from the Book: Carnarvon Recipes by J.M.R. Larman (now an e-book) can be checked out on Google.


The Title for today is: LIVE TOGETHER IN UNITY

Really it is better if we can live together in unity.  That means I believe to try to live in peace with each other, which is difficult to do sometimes especially in a large family.

Brothers and Sisters do not always agree with each other.  But even then we can back off instead of always thinking that we are the only one that is right.  Sometimes we have to compromise with each other to live in unity instead of going our own way and disowning our family.

How lovely to stay friends and accept that the other person is entitled to their view of things even if we do not agree with them.  Well what do you think….families are precious….don’t fall out just because you think you are the only one that is right.

It is good to reconcile and try to live in UNITY !!!!!

Psalm: Chapter 133 verse 1

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

The above is in our Holy Bible.


This is one of my favourite Poems:  “Little One”

Little one sleeping there,

Tender Love Divine.

Little one Sleeping there,

Are you truly mine.


Has God given you to me,

Tender Love Divine?

Has God given you to me?

 Yes, – You’re truly mine.


From the Book:  ‘For the Kingdom of God’ by J.M.R. Larman.

Blue Feather



Christmas Blessings



A Variety of Flowers make up a different kind of basket.

 Even putting in a couple of odd Vinca’s in makes it look nice. 

If you are not keen on the perfume from the Vinca Flowers – spray over the whole arrangement with one of your favouite perfumes.

These are set in wet Oasis, so will only last for the day like this.  It is best after using them for your display area that the flowers be tranfered to a vase when you arrive home.  They should then keep nice for a week in the house. 


This Poem reminds us of our loved ones that cannot visit us for Christmas.  It really is a Poem for someone that we know we shall not be able to see anymore for one reason or another.


There is an awakening in my heart to-day,

I feel that you are not far away

but I cannot see you anymore.

Although your memory lingers on

and in my heart you are here to stay.


The above is part of a  Poem  ‘Where is that Special Place’  from the Book: ‘Godly Verses’ by: J.M.R.Larman.


Recipe:    How about some Nibbles for Christmas:

Stuffed Dates

Pitted Dates + Marzipan

Cut a small slice of Marzipan and put into the opening in the Date where the stone has been taken out.

Arrange on a Platter, Cover and keep cold in Fridge until needed.

How simple is that then?  and they are very YUMMY!


2 John: Chapter 1 verse 6
And this is love; that we walk in obedience to His commands.  As you have heard from the beginning, His command is that you walk in love.


* God Bless Us for Christmas & New Year as we try to walk in love with our family & friends & people we meet along life’s way*

God Bless You.



To be Accepted


This is quite a nice arrangement of Dark Brown Leaves with colourful flowers.


It is nice to know that a lovely arrangement of flowers can be made using some leaves from your garden with just a few pretty flowers to make a nice display for your home of office.

Many people don’t always go to the trouble of having live flowers in doors because they are out working most days, however it is lovely to come home to see a beautiful flower or flowers waiting to greet you.


Poem for today:

This is part of the Poem  ‘Where is that Special Place  taken from the Book of  ‘Godly Verses’ by J.M.R. Larman.

BlueStar Ani

Who would know that in my heart

there is this longing and longing

to be accepted for who I am

not just for what I can give.

Accept me my beloved in your heart


Here is a short note from:

Lamentations Chapter: 3 verses 25-26.

The LORD is good to those whose hope is in Him,

to the one who seeks Him it is good to wait quietly

for the salvation of  The LORD.


What about a new Recipe for today, as Mango Season will soon be here.

If you are not sure about the measurements of ingredients – please go to Google for the answers especialy for 1lb. etc.,.

This is the best Mango Recipe that  that I use taken from the book ‘Carnarvon Recipes’ by J.M.R. Larman which soon will be an e-book or is available in book form from. http://www.carnarvonartstudio.com.au 

Mango Recipe

* I hope you have a Lovely Day today *


You may like to look at:-






Carnations in Jug

Pink Carnarnations in Jug


The Carnarnations were given to me as a Birthday Boquet so I put them in this jug which seems to set them off very well.  After a few days if you cut a small part off of the bottom of the stem the flowers will last much longer and you can put half a teaspoon of sugar in the water for them to feed on.  (I think they like that) **************


Here is a Recipe you may like to try:

Baked Egg Custard:  Use an ovenproof dish for this.

Whip up 2-Eggs.  Cover with Cold Milk & stir in (1 Tablespoon) of Sugar.  Sprinkle a little Nutmeg on top.  Cook in Slow Oven till Set.                                                      


What about a Poem for this week –

Poem of Truth

Poem is taken from the Book: ‘For the Kingdom of God’ by Author: J.M.R. Larman.


A Bible Reading is-

Psalm: 7 verse 10

My shield is God Most High, who saves the upright in heart.


* God Bless you

I hope you

have a

lovely day today *




Charm is deceptive

                    PinkRoses in vase

Just a Basket of lovely Roses and Geraldton Wax, flowers ready to take to Church.


For todays Poem I thought this would be a good one about our children.  It is called:…………..

                                  Your Children

Your children are not pets you know, they are little Girls and Boys. They are not things that you have found. They are not  –  to be used as toys.

Each little Child has a heart you know, that God Himself put there and as the child begins to grow, it fills with love, for Him to share.

As a Christian it’s your job you know to tell your child of Jesus.  Let Him know and understand  –  that Jesus wants to please us.

Our Father in Heaven is God, you know, so don’t deny your Child;  Love him and tell him while he is young, don’t let him just run wild.

You can sing and rock him with love, just as Mary did with her  bundle of joy, sent from God our father in Heaven  –  who was  –  Jesus, His own little Boy.

So your children are not pets you know, they are here to bring God glory.  So hold them gently, sing to them and tell them  Jesus Story.



Proverbs:  31  verse 30

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting:

but a woman who fears THE LORD is to be praised.


Well not just a woman but for a man as well, it is good to have that inner beauty: i.e. peace, love, joy, compassion in our hearts.  We should not rely on being beautiful and charming on the outside just to please people –  if our hearts are not pleasing to God.


I pray that we have a lovely Day

and that God  will Bless Us.

* Amen *






All the World is Waking

Dark Brown Leaves Flwrs

The Dark Brown Leaves really help to make this a lovely presentation of a Basket of Flowers.

There are Geraldton Wax & Bougainvillea Flowers included to give it a stunning effect.


Maybe today you may like to use some Leaves from your Garden or Hedge row if you have one – then add a few pretty flowers to show off the Leaves.

You do not need many leaves and you could be pleasently surprised at the end result.



Here is a Poem for Today:  Taken from the Book ‘For The Kingdom of God’ of Inspirational Verse. by: J.M.R.Larman.


All the world is waking listen to the noise.

Soon you’ll hear the voices of all the girls and boys.

Listen to the birds waking in the trees.

Smell the morning freshness, wafting on the breeze.

Jesus in your mercy look upon us all.

Walking in the nmornings as the days unfurl.

Grant us peace, also love and joy each day.

For each woman, man, girl and boy.

Smell the freshness of the earth, once again to-day.

Open up your hearts to God, let Him hear you pray.

Thank Him for the joyful hours – to love, laugh, sing – enjoy

the flowers.

All the world is waking, listen to the noise.

Soon you’ll hear the voices of all the girls and boys.

Listen to the morning – waking all around.

Gods own creatures waking, to the morning sound.


I thought that to be a nice cheerful little poem to read for the day.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Proverbs: 19 verse 1

Better a poor man whose walk is  blameless than a fool whose lips are perverse.

** God Bless You Wherever 

 you are 

 Today & Always **


Dark Brown Leaves Flwrs




Nice Basket with Flowers


These Flowers do look nice in this arrangement.  Yes they are ready to go and hopefully will give someone pleasure by just looking at them while sitting in Church.


Here is the First Verse of a Poem that I thought was very nice.

The Poem is called:  Where is that Special Place? 

Where is  that Special Place I yearn to be?

In the arms of my beautiful love,

in the embrace of my beloved.

Shielded and safe from the world out there.

Nighttime Flower

I don’t think that  verse needs any explantation it is a place where many people long to be.

Psalm:  101 verse 1

I will sing of your Love & Justice:

to you


I will Sing Praise.

Blue Snowflake

Well there we are  –  maybe we can sing some sort of Praise to God today – to thank him for all our Blessings…..which when you think of it are many.

I Pray you have a lovely Day today


also that you enjoy the coming week.

* God Bless You *

with His Special Love