Poem: “The Day is Here”

Beautiful Arrangement of Pretend Flowers.

I thought this arrangement looks very Cheerful….it is surprising what you can do with some Artificial Flowers if you do not have any real ones.*

Here is a Poem for us Today:

I hope you like today’s*** Poem written by Jessie.

When you think of it – each day is a new day for us.

That is a real blessing to be able to do something different each day.


This is something Different –

Here is the LINK to our new Book: “The Woga-Woga Bird”

The Woga Woga Book is suitable for young children to learn to COUNT and to COLOUR IN and is a nice cheerful Book for them to learn to READ.


“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

The Recipe Book is for those who love Cooking….. it has some great Recipes in and is illustrated with Pen/Ink Drawings. Only available as an eBook on here.


Here is another Link (It is my Story) Hope you may find it interesting…… I am the baby on the front cover.


All donations are for our Anglican Church and gratefully received via this Blog – 

(‘Baskets of Gods Flowers’) so that we can bless others.

Thank you and Bless you for looking at my Blog. I hope it has been encouraging for you.


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Psalm: 104 verse 1 – I will sing of your Love & Justice; to You O LORD, I will sing Praise.

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