Are we like Children

Painttng with Flowers

Lovely Basket of Flowers as a corner display.

It is nice to think that we do not have to always put a vase of flowers or a basket of flowers in the middle of the table.  They can be very effective as you can see by sitting them in a corner maybe near a window.

I hope you have been having a good day today.

Well I did a silly thing today…...I took a pretty wrapped up chocolate out ot the fridge and as it was too hard to eat I put it in my pocket to warm it up.

An hour or so later I remembered it was there and surprise, surprise it had gone all soft.

It was a blessing that the wrapper was still around it and that I had not sat on it.   So took it out and left it on the table to then harden up a bit.

When I went to eat it – I found out that it was one with melted chocolate on the inside of the round chocolate – which then spurted out of course……what a mess.!!!
The morel of this story is… not put a chocolate out of the cold fridge to warm up in your pocket and forget that it is there.

I must say that it still tasted very good, although I had to eat it standing over the sink and licked all I could get off of the wrapper as well.   (We can’t waste these things you know)!

That’s my report for the day.


Here is a bible verse:

Verse Matthew19v14

Well with my episode regarding the Chocolate it reminds me that we should have patience with our Children when they get all yucky eating their chocolate.

Remember that Jesus loves them and us when we seem to get in a mess with chocolate or with other things that happen in our daily lives.

Rose Bud

* Have a lovely Day Today *


Look at the Birds


This is my drawing of a Paw-Paw tree.  They produce a beautiful fruit that you can just cut open and eat or use in a fruit salad.

Or using them green they can be sliced up and put in your own special Stir fry.

The seeds you can eat, they taste hot and spicy, so best eaten with a piece of the flesh.


So we can pretend that will be for the recipe today, if you have not eaten or cooked with Paw-Paw maybe you can try it sometime.  I really like it best when it is really ripe and the outside has turned a lovely orange colour and the flesh is just right to eat.

 It’s nice to cut a large slice and eat with a fork and spoon for Breakfast or maybe a starter before dinner.  Otherwide can be cut into pieces and eaten with icecream for sweets.


Today I sat outside after lunch on the patio and watched the birds in the trees outside.

Surprise, surprise there were several White Cockatoo’s sitting in the top of a large Tree playing their usual games of pecking off leaves and twigs just to make a mess for us to sweep up. Then some Crows joined them without all fighting which was quite unusual.

It is like sitting in an aviary sometimes watching the birds.  After they all flew away five beautiful Doves came to sit on the high branches.

It is good to watch God’s Creatures sometimes, to sit quietly, just for a short time in this busy life is very good threpy.

Eagle Flying

2 John:  Chapter 1 verse 6

And this is love; that we walk in obedience to His commands.  As you have heard from the beginning His command is that you walk in love.


Have a Lovely Day.

Maybe walk in the love of God with the Birds and creatures that He has given us to love and care for.