Look at the Birds


This is my drawing of a Paw-Paw tree.  They produce a beautiful fruit that you can just cut open and eat or use in a fruit salad.

Or using them green they can be sliced up and put in your own special Stir fry.

The seeds you can eat, they taste hot and spicy, so best eaten with a piece of the flesh.


So we can pretend that will be for the recipe today, if you have not eaten or cooked with Paw-Paw maybe you can try it sometime.  I really like it best when it is really ripe and the outside has turned a lovely orange colour and the flesh is just right to eat.

 It’s nice to cut a large slice and eat with a fork and spoon for Breakfast or maybe a starter before dinner.  Otherwide can be cut into pieces and eaten with icecream for sweets.


Today I sat outside after lunch on the patio and watched the birds in the trees outside.

Surprise, surprise there were several White Cockatoo’s sitting in the top of a large Tree playing their usual games of pecking off leaves and twigs just to make a mess for us to sweep up. Then some Crows joined them without all fighting which was quite unusual.

It is like sitting in an aviary sometimes watching the birds.  After they all flew away five beautiful Doves came to sit on the high branches.

It is good to watch God’s Creatures sometimes, to sit quietly, just for a short time in this busy life is very good threpy.

Eagle Flying

2 John:  Chapter 1 verse 6

And this is love; that we walk in obedience to His commands.  As you have heard from the beginning His command is that you walk in love.


Have a Lovely Day.

Maybe walk in the love of God with the Birds and creatures that He has given us to love and care for.




I lie down and Sleep

Dark Brown Leaves Flwrs

Just a different beautiful Arrangement of Flowers & Leaves.

The Poem below is taken from the Book: ‘For The Kingdom of God’ Author: J.M.R.Larman.

PoemNightisHereI think that is a lovely Poem for today.

I Pray that God gives us Peace as we lay down to Sleep each night, remembering that He loves us just as we are.

Psalm: 3 verse 5

I lie down and sleep:

I wake again,


The LORD sustains me.


* God Bless You *





Roses & Leaves

Flwrs+ Leaves
Here is a beautiful arrangement of Roses and Leaves from our Son’s garden ready to take to Church.


It is lovely when you can pick flowers and leaves from out of the garden and make a colourful display with them. Sometimes there may not be many flowers growing in your garden but if you fill the pot or put them in the oasis to make an arrangement it is surprising what difference the coloured leaves make with just a few flowers.

I think there were only four Roses in the above photo and the rest were beautiful leaves, plus a gold ribbon tucked in with the basket of Flowers.


Just a small Verse below for today:

This is the Day

This is the Day that the Lord has made.

Come He say’s don’t be afraid.

Laugh and play, sing and pray.

Why not have a glorious day!


From the Holy Bible:

in   St. John: Chapter 13  verse 3.   it say’s

Jesus knew that The Father had put

all things under His power

and that

He had come from God and was

returning to God.


As Christians we can take heart and believe the above verse that Jesus really did walk on this Planet Earth and has returned to His Heavenly Home to wait for us.

Flwrs+ Leaves

I hope you have a lovely Day today

God Bless You.



Fragrant Rose Poem


Pencil Drawing of a Dog Rose by: J. Larman with added colour

***  Fragrant Rose  ***

Dear God I’m thinking of that flower. Ever fragrant in every hour.

The wonders of this Universe, makes one want to write a verse.

The delicate softness of the petals Against the hardness of different metals.


To touch a Rose is a wonderful thing. Man made metals  –  no real pleasure bring.

But touch and smell a dew fresh Rose, is a pleasure few of us really knows.


To touch and feel your wonderful world, especially the Petals so curiously curled.

What a priceless treasure the Rose must be.

I pray they’ll be there in Eternity.



2 Peter:  Chapter 3 verse 18

“Grow in grace


in the knowledge of our

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”


I hope you like today’s Poem above it is taken from the book – ‘For The Kingdom of God’  Inspirational Verse by: J.M.R. Larman.

Maybe today you will be able to smell a Rose or even purchase one for your garden or just treat yourself to one Rose to put in a vase indoors with some green leaves etc., 

It is surprising what a talking piece it can be if you are fortunate to have a visitor.

May God Bless you this week with something special – especially His Love that you can share in thought, word or deed with others.

Have a Lovely Day.


BlueStar Ani


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Walk in Love


My Oil Painting – Apricot Rose.
Poem from Book: For the Kingdom of God – Inspirational Verse.  By: J.M.R. Larman.

 Love  –  Most Important

Love is the most important thing, Open your heart let it come in.  Only when you let love into your heart, can you truly make a fresh start.

Then you can learn to love your brother, Christian people should love each other.  Not just now but day after day, then together with Jesus learn to pray.

Give your Sister in Christ a smile, you may not see her for a while.  don’t let hate and misery and greed be in you or you can’t intercede.

Love is the important thing in life, not anger, hate, worry and strife.  So love each other as Jesus loves you.  Get on with the work He gives you to do.

Don’t look to the left then to the right.  Keep Jesus always in your sight.  He will bless you as only He can.  When you help Him carry out His plan.

Don’t keep asking for worthless things.  Soar to heavenly places as on wings.  Love, Peace, Joy and Grace are the blessings that win the race. 

Look at each other  – stop the doubt.  Don’t try to catch each other out.  We are not to judge our Sisters & Brothers.  Jesus loves each one  –  as much as the others.

 2 John:  verse 6.

And this is love:

that we walk in obedience to His commands.

 As you have heard from the beginning,

His command is that you walk in love.



God Bless us today as we try to walk

in the Love of God  – our Heavenly Father.




Upright in Heart

PinkRoses in vase
I thought a poem would be nice today, so I have taken this one from the book:
‘Godly Verses’  by – Author J.M.R. Larman.

God’s Love

Can it be Lord, that you love me,
as I sit and wonder about Eternity?
One day I should be there
with Jesus my Lord.
Who, I know by your
Angels God – is truly adored.
Almighty God,
Ruler of the Universe,
how can it be that you think of me?
Small and insignificant
that’s who I am.
Yes, you sent your Son Jesus
to rescue even me.
It is beyond my comprehension
to consider these things.
So I shall sit in
Your presence
and pray to believe
in your unconditional love.
Love full of peace.
Love without Measure.
Poured down upon us,
as we sit, stand or kneel,
in wonder and praise
at your
Glorious Presence
in Eternity.


Psalm:  7 verse 10

My shield is

God Most High,

who saves the upright in heart.



As Christians we are already saved and our shield against all evil is:

 God  (our Father in Heaven).

 So we must try to stay upright in heart.

I believe that means for us to think and act as well as we can while we live on this earth.

Let us be so glad that we can walk in:

 His Unconditional Love

BlueStar Ani

Have a lovely Day Today.

God Bless You.




New Years Eve

Here is a Basket of Flowers – Roses ready to take to Church.


Yes this is New Years Eve.

So I would like to write this one verse from:

Psalm 106 verse 48

Praise be to The LORD,

the God of Israel,

from everlasting to everlasting.

 Let all the people say,



Well this is the last day of the year and tomorrow we shall be able, God willing to be praising Him at The start of a brand NEW YEAR.

So I want to say, God Bless you for sharing with me throughout this year that has just gone and hope that you may like to start afresh in the New Year with me praising Almighty God, Our Father in Heaven, with Jesus Christ our Saviour and The Holy Spirit.

I pray for wonderful blessings for us all in the year that is coming as we walk together praising and worshiping our God who reigns for ever and ever with myriads and myriads of Angels surrounding Him and the great cloud of witnesses above.

 Amen. Amen. Amen.

Brown Angel

God Bless you today

and in the coming days

throughout all of the New Year.

Know and believe that Jesus Loves you just as you are.