Fragrant Rose Poem


Pencil Drawing of a Dog Rose by: J. Larman with added colour

***  Fragrant Rose  ***

Dear God I’m thinking of that flower. Ever fragrant in every hour.

The wonders of this Universe, makes one want to write a verse.

The delicate softness of the petals Against the hardness of different metals.


To touch a Rose is a wonderful thing. Man made metals  –  no real pleasure bring.

But touch and smell a dew fresh Rose, is a pleasure few of us really knows.


To touch and feel your wonderful world, especially the Petals so curiously curled.

What a priceless treasure the Rose must be.

I pray they’ll be there in Eternity.



2 Peter:  Chapter 3 verse 18

“Grow in grace


in the knowledge of our

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”


I hope you like today’s Poem above it is taken from the book – ‘For The Kingdom of God’  Inspirational Verse by: J.M.R. Larman.

Maybe today you will be able to smell a Rose or even purchase one for your garden or just treat yourself to one Rose to put in a vase indoors with some green leaves etc., 

It is surprising what a talking piece it can be if you are fortunate to have a visitor.

May God Bless you this week with something special – especially His Love that you can share in thought, word or deed with others.

Have a Lovely Day.


BlueStar Ani


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God Bless You Today


This photo of Flowers is from my Mothers Day Bouquet.

A Gift from my family.


Whether you are a new or mature Christian, I pray that God will bless you as you read from these pages.

It is good to learn more of God’s Word day by day.

From Bk Cover

A Bible Quote will be put on most pages or posts of this Blog, with a photograph of some of God’s flowers in various arrangements.  Nearly all were ready to be taken to Church and put on the Altar.

Flowers are a Blessing from God

and can give much pleasure to many people.

Sometimes it is good to give a flower to a person to take home after the Service.  Many have appreciated this small gesture, especially if they are feeling ill, recovering from an illness, or visiting the Church whilst on Holiday.  Or give to a member of the Congregation for them to have a Happy Day!   If possible let them choose their favourite Rose or Bloom to take with them as a Gift for the day.  It is far better to give  –  than leaving them in an empty Church for the week.

I pray that you, yourself, will find time to look and see the flowers around you, the beautiful colours, the lovely petals and shapes plus the wonderful perfume.

They are incredibly made.

Find time to Smell the Roses.

God Bless You.