Belated Valentine Day


Apricot Rose is an Original Painting on Canvas.

By. J.M.R. Larman.


It is nice to have a rose for Valentine’s Day, however we are a bit late for that but never the less we can celebrate with our love one’s each and every day of the year, not just once a year.

How lovely it used to be when we were teenagers (years ago for me I know) but each Valentine’s Day we would wonder who would want us to be their Valentine.  We would wait for a card to arrive by mail or from a friend who would hand it to us if our so called Valentine was too shy to give it to us.

Yes we did get disappointed when it did not come from the one we had hoped for and would look around to see who they had favored instead of ourselves.

Then of course there we those who sent them as a joke (that would be very upsetting) but to receive one anyway was something special all those years ago.   No one put their name on the card – so it was nearly always a guessing game.

I hope you have a lovely caring Valentine to call your own,

if so show them that you love them too.


Here is a recipe you may like to cook for them:


Taken from my book Carnarvon Favourite Recipes.


“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”


“Flowers for the Altar”


A Bible Verse that asks us to walk in love:

2 John: Chapter 1 verse 6.  And this is love;

that we walk in obedience to His commands.

As you have heard from the beginning,

His command is that you walk in love.


I hope you have a lovely day with your beloved Valentine or with your friends and family.


Anniversary Day !


A lovely Display of Carnations and Gypsophila (some call Baby’s Breath)

I thought this looked so nice to put on here – as today would be our Wedding Anniversary.


You can always make a nice arrangement for yourself

when it is your anniversary of any kind.

 The best thing to allow the flowers to stand where you want them – is to use Wet Oasis to hold them in place.  Most of us have Al-foil that we use for cooking, that can be used to put in the vase or container if you do not have the coloured paper as in the photo above.

Also if you have a piece of ribbon to make a bow

that adds a bit of extra niceness to your arrangement.

Remember to pamper yourself for your anniversary- even with just one flower in a vase as a memory of what that anniversary is for. 

Rose Bud

Just one Flower can bring back memories, if your loved one is not here.

Memories are something to treasure.


Maybe Celebrate with a Recipe:


Taken from the book: “Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

Hope you enjoy this if you are willing to try it… is very nice.


Here is a  Bible Verse.

Proverbs: Chapter 4 verse 1 – says:

Listen my sons, to a father’s instruction; pay attention and gain understanding.


I Suppose if we pay attention to the above recipe

we will end up with a really good dinner.


* I hope you Have a Good Day Today *


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