Delight in God’s Commandments


Harry Cat next to my Flowers

ready for  the Altar

on a Sunday morning.


Harry has gone to Cat Heaven now, he was a very faithful boy Cat.


 How lovely it must be for God our Father in Heaven to look and see that we are trying to be faithful to Him.

He gave us the Ten Commandments to help us to live a good life while we live on this earth.  It is very hard to keep the Ten Commandments I know but at least it is good to try.

When you think how faithful our Pets are to us – they love us with unconditional love.  That is how our God Love’s Us – with Unconditional Love.

We belong to God’s family when we accept:

Jesus His Son into our lives. 

So the Psalm below says that we are blessed when we find delight in His commands.

The thing is – that we can feel blessed when we try to keep His commands –  to fear the Lord is not to be frightened of Him but to want to do the right things in life.


Psalm:  112 verse 1

Praise The Lord.

Blessed is the man who fears The Lord,

who finds great delight in

His commands.


May God Bless Us Today as we try to be Faithful to each other and to our friends.


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Someone Special ?

Flowers in Hanging Basket.


Here is a verse from one of my Poems.

I just thought it would be nice to share it today.


A Poem is a good way to remember or to think of family or friends who may have moved away from us for various reasons. And only we know that in our hearts we miss them still.

Sometimes we cannot talk to others about what we feel and forget that our friends and people we meet in the street have feelings too.  But they as well probably keep their thoughts close in their hearts not able to speak out about their own feelings.

So here we are: – just think of that special someone that you miss and relive in your mind some of the good times and things that you did together.

 They may have been very special.


There is an awakening in my heart to-day,

I feel that you are not far away.

But I cannot see you anymore

although your memory lingers on

and in my heart you are here to stay.



Have a Lovely day relishing some good memories.


God Bless You Today.

BlueStar Ani


Fresh picked for The Altar


I thought you may like a Poem today:

 So here we are –

Why Flowers God?

Why have you given us flowers God?
So beautifully soft their petals are.
The colours, such incredible hues.
Softest whites and pinks, precious as a star.

Carpets of flowers cover the earth,
we don’t even have to reap & sow
because after the rains, in their seasons
the flowers burst through the earth and grow.

Some you have given to delight and please.
Some for their incredible beauty and size.
Others for perfume – aroma, so sweet.
All of them worthy of a grand prize.

Some are for healing, some just for pleasure.
They cover the earth where wild grasses grow.
Wild things of beauty, touched by no human hand.
The Petals come fourth and sway to and fro.

The stems are strong, the petals so soft.
The colours so different from species to species,
each petal so beautifully soft to our touch.
The petals are delicate, yet strong each piece is.

God do you watch the petals unfurl?
Especially the Rose Bud a Favourite of mine.
It opens up into a perfect flower
and always captures this heart of mine.

Thank you God that you have given us flowers,
to enjoy for all our days on this earth.
The beauty, the fragrance are blessings for sure
Thank you God for each flowers birth!


This Poem is taken from Book – Godly Verses by: J.M.R Larman.


Here below is a verse to think about that you may like to read in the Bible.

St. John: Chapter verse 6

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the

truth and the life.

 No-one comes to The Father except

through me.”


*  God Bless You Today  *


Flower in Pink Vase


This picture of one of my paintings

was used for the cover of:

Book of Prayers, by Author J.M.R.Larman


I thought it would be nice to share this Psalm today,

it gives us food for thought.


Psalm:  1  Verse 1

Blessed is the man that walketh

not in the counsel

of the ungodly…..



Psalm One is an excellent Psalm to read.

You can substitute where it says  –  they shall not etc., etc.,

and read it to yourself saying:_

I  shall not walk in the council of the unrighteous, ungodly, wicked or whoever the ungodly are.  Its worth a try….

Lets face it  –  it is very hard sometimes as Christians to be good all the time….  really it is impossible.

But we need to give it a go.



May The Holy Spirit help you

and me to walk better in the ways of: