Fresh picked for The Altar


I thought you may like a Poem today:

 So here we are –

Why Flowers God?

Why have you given us flowers God?
So beautifully soft their petals are.
The colours, such incredible hues.
Softest whites and pinks, precious as a star.

Carpets of flowers cover the earth,
we don’t even have to reap & sow
because after the rains, in their seasons
the flowers burst through the earth and grow.

Some you have given to delight and please.
Some for their incredible beauty and size.
Others for perfume – aroma, so sweet.
All of them worthy of a grand prize.

Some are for healing, some just for pleasure.
They cover the earth where wild grasses grow.
Wild things of beauty, touched by no human hand.
The Petals come fourth and sway to and fro.

The stems are strong, the petals so soft.
The colours so different from species to species,
each petal so beautifully soft to our touch.
The petals are delicate, yet strong each piece is.

God do you watch the petals unfurl?
Especially the Rose Bud a Favourite of mine.
It opens up into a perfect flower
and always captures this heart of mine.

Thank you God that you have given us flowers,
to enjoy for all our days on this earth.
The beauty, the fragrance are blessings for sure
Thank you God for each flowers birth!


This Poem is taken from Book – Godly Verses by: J.M.R Larman.


Here below is a verse to think about that you may like to read in the Bible.

St. John: Chapter verse 6

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the

truth and the life.

 No-one comes to The Father except

through me.”


*  God Bless You Today  *


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