Love Endures

Vase of  Beautiful Flowers in my Studio


Today’s topic is “Love endures for ever”  –  well it is hard to believe that it really does.  When we love someone that love will stay in our heart always.  Even if we drift apart we will always remember that we did love that person or creature.

Flowers fade away even the paintings that you can see in the photo above may last for hundreds of years but will one day be no more.

However – the love that we once shared will endure forever and ever – even though we have parted, in the recess of our heart we will remember the good times, that surely is love.


Here is a Bible Verse in regard to enduring Love:

Psalm:  136 verse 26

Give thanks to

The God of Heaven.

His Love endures for ever.


Just think God Loves us forever – whoever and wherever we are.

We cannot get away from his Love, remember He made us and really does care about us.  He has feelings and is  very sad I am sure when we don’t even acknowledge Him in our lives.

So I pray that our God “The God of Heaven” will bless us today. Amen.


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A Lovely Bouquet of Flowers.

It is really good that I can share some of God’s Beautiful Flowers with you even if only on the photo’s of them.

When you have a beautiful flower given to you or a bunch  –  or pot of flowers I think it is good to take a photo as a keep sake because they fade and die and the memory of them fades as well.

But it you take a photo it is a souvenir to keep forever. 

Today’s message is about WISDOM – well you might say what wisdom is there in keeping photo’s of flowers.

Wisdom is a funny thing – I mean, are we wise  – not really I suppose.  However it is a wise thing to remember and pray for the person who gave you the flowers and if you do happen to have photo’s of them (just the flowers I mean) on your USB or CD or Computer or Printed out onto a Card, the memory of that particular person comes back to you.  It is a wise thing then to stop a minute and pray for them.


Here is a Word for us today:

Proverbs:  Chapter 3 verse  13

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom,

the man

who gains




This Flower of a Dog Rose is a Pencil Drawing with a bit of colour.

So you see you can save the memory of a special flower by drawing or painting it.

This could maybe open up a new Hobby for you.

Flowers are Lovely.

God  Bless you for today


the following week.

*** Have a lovely Day ***

***    Jessie' Story  Front Cover 2013

Walk in Love

 Flwrs BlkBG on Stool

The flowers today are Geraldton Wax & Lantana with lovely Brown leaves and some Green ones.  They are in wet Oasis to keep them nice ready for Church.

As the heading says to Walk in Love –  it would be good to have a poem that relates to that.  The only one that I can find at the moment is this one.  Which I hope you may like – it is called:

Feel His Love.

Come along take my hand

let us run along the sand.

Feel the wet beneath your feet

think of Jesus on the mercy seat.

Run. run, run along the beach.

Jesus is never out of reach.

Stop and feel His presence there,

look  –  feel His presence everywhere.

In the light and in the shade,

even in the water as you wade.

Feel His presence  –  feel His Love

here on earth and up above.


The above Poem is taken from the Book:

For the Kingdom of God. Author: J.M.R. Larman.


Bible verse for today as follows:

2 John:  verse 6.

……And this is love: that we walk in obedience

to His commands.

As you have heard from the beginning,

His command is 

that you walk in Love.


Yes to walk in Love and holding the hand of The Lord Jesus would be great.

 But… can walk in love with your friend hand in hand or just beside each other.

To walk in love is really also to walk in Friendship with each other…..that is a nice thought.


Here I would like to put my first ever Video.  It works  better full screen.  If it does not work out for you just delete it  –  or if O.K. please share with a friend. –  that would be walking in love just to send it on maybe.?

Painting on Video by: J.Larman

May Jesus  Bless you today and always.





Roses & Leaves

Flwrs+ Leaves
Here is a beautiful arrangement of Roses and Leaves from our Son’s garden ready to take to Church.


It is lovely when you can pick flowers and leaves from out of the garden and make a colourful display with them. Sometimes there may not be many flowers growing in your garden but if you fill the pot or put them in the oasis to make an arrangement it is surprising what difference the coloured leaves make with just a few flowers.

I think there were only four Roses in the above photo and the rest were beautiful leaves, plus a gold ribbon tucked in with the basket of Flowers.


Just a small Verse below for today:

This is the Day

This is the Day that the Lord has made.

Come He say’s don’t be afraid.

Laugh and play, sing and pray.

Why not have a glorious day!


From the Holy Bible:

in   St. John: Chapter 13  verse 3.   it say’s

Jesus knew that The Father had put

all things under His power

and that

He had come from God and was

returning to God.


As Christians we can take heart and believe the above verse that Jesus really did walk on this Planet Earth and has returned to His Heavenly Home to wait for us.

Flwrs+ Leaves

I hope you have a lovely Day today

God Bless You.