Carnations –

Carnations in Jug

What a lovely display of CARNATIONS


It is very hard to find Carnations when you are looking for a special flower for someone.  When you do find them they have the most beautiful perfume and will last quite a time in a vase indoors.    Just cut a centimetre off each couple of days and the buds will come out as well.  Put half a teaspoon of sugar in the water when you first put them in the vase, it is nice for them to feed on.

If you do these things they will last quite a time as the stems get shorter the buds should come out.


Who made flowers for our pleasure,

to bring joy to our hearts,

to comfort and bless us,

as we are living our walks in this life?

The Verse below may give us a Clue.


John: Chapter 1 verse 3

Through Him all things were made:

without Him nothing was made

that has been made.


Here is a recipe for today from Carnarvon Recipes Book.

Jam Tarts Recipe

This is also a nice recipe for Children to make.

They are Yummy!




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A Lovely Bouquet of Flowers.

It is really good that I can share some of God’s Beautiful Flowers with you even if only on the photo’s of them.

When you have a beautiful flower given to you or a bunch  –  or pot of flowers I think it is good to take a photo as a keep sake because they fade and die and the memory of them fades as well.

But it you take a photo it is a souvenir to keep forever. 

Today’s message is about WISDOM – well you might say what wisdom is there in keeping photo’s of flowers.

Wisdom is a funny thing – I mean, are we wise  – not really I suppose.  However it is a wise thing to remember and pray for the person who gave you the flowers and if you do happen to have photo’s of them (just the flowers I mean) on your USB or CD or Computer or Printed out onto a Card, the memory of that particular person comes back to you.  It is a wise thing then to stop a minute and pray for them.


Here is a Word for us today:

Proverbs:  Chapter 3 verse  13

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom,

the man

who gains




This Flower of a Dog Rose is a Pencil Drawing with a bit of colour.

So you see you can save the memory of a special flower by drawing or painting it.

This could maybe open up a new Hobby for you.

Flowers are Lovely.

God  Bless you for today


the following week.

*** Have a lovely Day ***

***    Jessie' Story  Front Cover 2013