A Lovely Bouquet of Flowers.

It is really good that I can share some of God’s Beautiful Flowers with you even if only on the photo’s of them.

When you have a beautiful flower given to you or a bunch  –  or pot of flowers I think it is good to take a photo as a keep sake because they fade and die and the memory of them fades as well.

But it you take a photo it is a souvenir to keep forever. 

Today’s message is about WISDOM – well you might say what wisdom is there in keeping photo’s of flowers.

Wisdom is a funny thing – I mean, are we wise  – not really I suppose.  However it is a wise thing to remember and pray for the person who gave you the flowers and if you do happen to have photo’s of them (just the flowers I mean) on your USB or CD or Computer or Printed out onto a Card, the memory of that particular person comes back to you.  It is a wise thing then to stop a minute and pray for them.


Here is a Word for us today:

Proverbs:  Chapter 3 verse  13

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom,

the man

who gains




This Flower of a Dog Rose is a Pencil Drawing with a bit of colour.

So you see you can save the memory of a special flower by drawing or painting it.

This could maybe open up a new Hobby for you.

Flowers are Lovely.

God  Bless you for today


the following week.

*** Have a lovely Day ***



http://www.carnarvonartstudio.com    Jessie' Story  Front Cover 2013

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