Love Endures

Vase of  Beautiful Flowers in my Studio


Today’s topic is “Love endures for ever”  –  well it is hard to believe that it really does.  When we love someone that love will stay in our heart always.  Even if we drift apart we will always remember that we did love that person or creature.

Flowers fade away even the paintings that you can see in the photo above may last for hundreds of years but will one day be no more.

However – the love that we once shared will endure forever and ever – even though we have parted, in the recess of our heart we will remember the good times, that surely is love.


Here is a Bible Verse in regard to enduring Love:

Psalm:  136 verse 26

Give thanks to

The God of Heaven.

His Love endures for ever.


Just think God Loves us forever – whoever and wherever we are.

We cannot get away from his Love, remember He made us and really does care about us.  He has feelings and is  very sad I am sure when we don’t even acknowledge Him in our lives.

So I pray that our God “The God of Heaven” will bless us today. Amen.


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One thought on “Love Endures

  1. So sorry Jessie not to make it today. I honestly thought we would be there ~ 2 pm. Bit naive of me as we were there decorating until about 4.30 i think!!!

    Remind me to tell you a funny thing that happened when i tried the spray bottle technique on a watercolours sketch I tried after watching the video. Still gives me a good chuckle!

    Hope your day was lovely. Have a great week xx



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