Act Wisely


Here is a Basket of Flowers for today.


It is good to see a nice  basket of flowers, even nicer to see our cat Harry sitting there.

He is not with us any more as he has gone to cat heaven.  However he was a lovely cat very wise but shy and sometime affectionate.

As a token of his affection he would bring a mouse to the back door as a present, so I used to thank him, then leave him to enjoy his prey.


See my servant will act wisely, he will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted.

That is what Isaiah: Chapter 52 verse 13 says – in the Bible.


So when you think of it  – Harry cat was acting wisely in catching his prey and bringing it as a gift to us.

Maybe we should act more wisely as we go about our daily tasks, then hopefully The Lord will lift us up.  As servants of the living God it is a privilege to  be able to do things for Him, to bring our gifts of obedience to Him, is something special.


Here is a Poem for us to think about living Wisely:

 These are the days of our lives today, tomorrow, yesterday.

What are we doing with them? where are we now,

where have we been, where will we go?

Some have been to the depths of despair.

Some to the height of glory.

Today is a new day, a time to begin.

Start with a clean sheet at the beginning of morning.

Just as a page is in a book or a canvas for painting,

today will hold the picture that we are painting with our life.

The mornings can start with a Prayer or a curse.

The day will progress and unfold as a flower,

like petals unfolding until the flower is full bloom.

So lets start the day with a prayer and blow away the gloom.

Let us get up from our bed, try to smile and rejoice.

Remember God has given us a voice.

Use it bless those we see today.

Tell them you love them, enrich their day.

We shall be blessed when we live this way.  

Today is ours to live.


BlueStar Ani

* So I pray that God will Bless us today.

 Have a Lovely Wise Day.*


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