Marbles Flwrs Vase

For our Basket of Flowers today we have a Vase of Flowers.

This lovely arrangement of Flowers with Marbles was for my Birthday from my Granddaughter.

It goes to show that you can use Marbles in the bottom of a clear Vase to give a nice effect.

This adds interest when you have visitors and makes a good talking point if can put the vase where they can see it.

Marbles Flwrs Vase

Well I don’t have a poem for today but you may like to know that sometimes I take my breakfast  –  (a bowl of cereal & fruit etc.,) outside to eat as it is warmer than being indoors first thing in the morning.

So surprise, surprise – as I walked down the driveway to the front gate, looking up I saw a Pelican flying overhead.  What a lovely thing to see, that great bird flying around.  Yes we do live quite near the Ocean but that is the first time that I can remember seeing a Pelican fly so close to home.

Have you ever thought of having your breakfast outside instead of sitting at the kitchen table……you never know what you will see in the world outside.


Here is a Bible Verse to think about.

Luke: Chapter 14 verse 3

Jesus asked…

“is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath

or not?”


You may like to check this out in your Bible to see what the answer is.

As for myself I beleive it is right to do so.!

BlueStar Ani

Have a Lovely day today  – maybe find some Marbles and make a Flower Arrangement especially for yourself today.

Even a small arrangement in a Clear Drinking Glass looks good.

With Love and God Bless You.


Other sites to see or pass on to friends:
http://www.praybibletruths.com           www.carnarvonartstudio.com

ApricotRoseDarkRose animation.gif Slower



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