Odd Hanging Basket

Sculptured like Hanging Basket

This was one of our Odd looking Hanging Baskets.

It had a Sculptured like appearance.

I thought it looked great – especially when the tiny orange trumptet like flowers were out in bloom.

I don’t seem to have a photo of them, sorry about that.

The plant is a succulent and although the stems grow downwards they then change and turn up towards the sun before the flowers appear on them.

The whole thing looks very artistic.


Because the above plant lifts its stems upwards  before the flowers appear I thought this poem would be quite nice today.


All the flowers their faces lift

to the sky and never cry,

for anything us mortals need.

Except – maybe for their seed,

to carry on their fruitfulness,

of reproducing God’s good work,

in making flowers of glorious hue

for the likes of Me and You.



Psalm: 92 verse 1

It is good to praise The Lord

and make music to your name,

O Most High.


I Pray that you have a lovely day today.

God Bless You.




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