A Lovely Bouquet of Flowers.

It is really good that I can share some of God’s Beautiful Flowers with you even if only on the photo’s of them.

When you have a beautiful flower given to you or a bunch  –  or pot of flowers I think it is good to take a photo as a keep sake because they fade and die and the memory of them fades as well.

But it you take a photo it is a souvenir to keep forever. 

Today’s message is about WISDOM – well you might say what wisdom is there in keeping photo’s of flowers.

Wisdom is a funny thing – I mean, are we wise  – not really I suppose.  However it is a wise thing to remember and pray for the person who gave you the flowers and if you do happen to have photo’s of them (just the flowers I mean) on your USB or CD or Computer or Printed out onto a Card, the memory of that particular person comes back to you.  It is a wise thing then to stop a minute and pray for them.


Here is a Word for us today:

Proverbs:  Chapter 3 verse  13

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom,

the man

who gains




This Flower of a Dog Rose is a Pencil Drawing with a bit of colour.

So you see you can save the memory of a special flower by drawing or painting it.

This could maybe open up a new Hobby for you.

Flowers are Lovely.

God  Bless you for today


the following week.

*** Have a lovely Day ***



http://www.carnarvonartstudio.com    Jessie' Story  Front Cover 2013

Set Me Free

 Roses in Frame

*  Midnight Roses *

This was an Oil Painting for my Sister Jill.


Psalm 142 verse 7

Set me free from my prison,

that I may praise your name.

 Then the righteous will gather about me

because of your goodness to me.


How often do we cry  –  set me free God from this place that I am in.  One day I said to The LORD, “what is the point of all this I feel as if I am in a prison?”

Then the gentle voice of The Holy Spirit said  –  “and what did the disciples do when they were in prison?”

Do you know what they did?  –  They sung songs of praise!!!

Look around and see what a beautiful prison you may be in, count your blessings then begin to sing.

Praise The LORD, let us today not to ask to be set free, because, in the spirit we are free indeed.  Amen.

In the spirit as Christians we are set free, to soar with the Eagle on wings of praise.


Eagle Flying

Just imagine being able to fly over Land & Sea like an Eagle.

Well – when you close your eyes and pray you too can soar like the Eagle.

Pray in the Spirit for your family, friends, workmates, your town, your Country.

Remember to also Pray for yourself.

God Loves you and needs to hear your Prayers whether out loud or silently in your heart.

I Pray  that Jesus is your Lord and Saviour.

* God Bless You *