Delight in God’s Commandments


Harry Cat next to my Flowers

ready for  the Altar

on a Sunday morning.


Harry has gone to Cat Heaven now, he was a very faithful boy Cat.


 How lovely it must be for God our Father in Heaven to look and see that we are trying to be faithful to Him.

He gave us the Ten Commandments to help us to live a good life while we live on this earth.  It is very hard to keep the Ten Commandments I know but at least it is good to try.

When you think how faithful our Pets are to us – they love us with unconditional love.  That is how our God Love’s Us – with Unconditional Love.

We belong to God’s family when we accept:

Jesus His Son into our lives. 

So the Psalm below says that we are blessed when we find delight in His commands.

The thing is – that we can feel blessed when we try to keep His commands –  to fear the Lord is not to be frightened of Him but to want to do the right things in life.


Psalm:  112 verse 1

Praise The Lord.

Blessed is the man who fears The Lord,

who finds great delight in

His commands.


May God Bless Us Today as we try to be Faithful to each other and to our friends.


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Set Me Free

 Roses in Frame

*  Midnight Roses *

This was an Oil Painting for my Sister Jill.


Psalm 142 verse 7

Set me free from my prison,

that I may praise your name.

 Then the righteous will gather about me

because of your goodness to me.


How often do we cry  –  set me free God from this place that I am in.  One day I said to The LORD, “what is the point of all this I feel as if I am in a prison?”

Then the gentle voice of The Holy Spirit said  –  “and what did the disciples do when they were in prison?”

Do you know what they did?  –  They sung songs of praise!!!

Look around and see what a beautiful prison you may be in, count your blessings then begin to sing.

Praise The LORD, let us today not to ask to be set free, because, in the spirit we are free indeed.  Amen.

In the spirit as Christians we are set free, to soar with the Eagle on wings of praise.


Eagle Flying

Just imagine being able to fly over Land & Sea like an Eagle.

Well – when you close your eyes and pray you too can soar like the Eagle.

Pray in the Spirit for your family, friends, workmates, your town, your Country.

Remember to also Pray for yourself.

God Loves you and needs to hear your Prayers whether out loud or silently in your heart.

I Pray  that Jesus is your Lord and Saviour.

* God Bless You *