Someone Special ?

Flowers in Hanging Basket.


Here is a verse from one of my Poems.

I just thought it would be nice to share it today.


A Poem is a good way to remember or to think of family or friends who may have moved away from us for various reasons. And only we know that in our hearts we miss them still.

Sometimes we cannot talk to others about what we feel and forget that our friends and people we meet in the street have feelings too.  But they as well probably keep their thoughts close in their hearts not able to speak out about their own feelings.

So here we are: – just think of that special someone that you miss and relive in your mind some of the good times and things that you did together.

 They may have been very special.


There is an awakening in my heart to-day,

I feel that you are not far away.

But I cannot see you anymore

although your memory lingers on

and in my heart you are here to stay.



Have a Lovely day relishing some good memories.


God Bless You Today.

BlueStar Ani


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