Upright in Heart

PinkRoses in vase
I thought a poem would be nice today, so I have taken this one from the book:
‘Godly Verses’  by – Author J.M.R. Larman.

God’s Love

Can it be Lord, that you love me,
as I sit and wonder about Eternity?
One day I should be there
with Jesus my Lord.
Who, I know by your
Angels God – is truly adored.
Almighty God,
Ruler of the Universe,
how can it be that you think of me?
Small and insignificant
that’s who I am.
Yes, you sent your Son Jesus
to rescue even me.
It is beyond my comprehension
to consider these things.
So I shall sit in
Your presence
and pray to believe
in your unconditional love.
Love full of peace.
Love without Measure.
Poured down upon us,
as we sit, stand or kneel,
in wonder and praise
at your
Glorious Presence
in Eternity.


Psalm:  7 verse 10

My shield is

God Most High,

who saves the upright in heart.



As Christians we are already saved and our shield against all evil is:

 God  (our Father in Heaven).

 So we must try to stay upright in heart.

I believe that means for us to think and act as well as we can while we live on this earth.

Let us be so glad that we can walk in:

 His Unconditional Love

BlueStar Ani

Have a lovely Day Today.

God Bless You.




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