Spirit Wind of God

Ferns with Flowers

Ferns/Frods? from our Palms were used for this unusual Basket of Flowers for our latest Arrangement. 


The above flower arrangement did look nice from a distance in the Church.  A bit too big to bring indoors unless you have a very large room to put it it.  But if you would like to use the dried fronds that die off from your Palms – well, you can always cut them down to fit your new arrangement and have a bit of fun to make them look nice. It can be a good talking point when your friends come to visit.

This makes a nice change to use some of the dried flower leaves or fronds before they are thrown away.


Here is a Poem for today that I especially like, it was written quite a while ago but it is still a favourite.

Blue Feather

Spirit Wind of God

The Poem was taken form the book: ‘Godly Verses’ by J.M.R. Larman.


Here is an easy Recipe for:

Roast of Goat.

1- Leg of Goat; 1 Clove of Garlic; Mustard; Sherry (Optional); Mint Flakes: Oven Bag;

Cut the Garlic in slices. Cut Slits in the top of skin of Goat, place Garlic in the Slits.  Spread the Skin with some Mustard. Sprinkle with Mint Flakes and Roast in Oven Bag Slowly until tender.

That should be very nice and easy to do.

You could substitute the Goat for Lamb.

Ferns with Flowers

* I Pray you have a lovely day today with your Cooking and Flower Arranging *





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