Daffodil Flwr2Pge13

“Oil” Painting for my Mother’s 85th. Birthday

We don’t see may Daffodil’s here in Western Australia but in England we had a lovely large garden bed full of beautiful Daffodil’s.

Plus other flowers of the Daffodil family.

These flowers grow in grace, standing tall and beautiful with trumpet like petals.

We also should try to stand tall and grow in grace day by day.

2 Peter: Chapter 3 verse 18

Grow in grace and in the knowledge of

our Lord and Saviour.



Let us try to stand tall each day, let us not give in to negative thoughts and things that come against us each day.

Remember today is a new day to do something nice for ourselves or for someone else.  It makes a lot of difference to others if we can smile and say ‘hello’

Hope you have a lovely day today.


This is one of my pencil drawings – just thought I would colour it in.


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