Little Children Love Cats


CalicoCat 2

I call this my Calico Cat.

 Thought I would try my hand at painting it with flowers in different colours.

I put transparent coloured paint on the black background then painted in white to bring out the multicolours.

Hope you like it  –  it will give you a different idea of painting.


We could talk about Cats today……they are beautiful creatures Great and Small.  They can be lovely companions and make great company.

If you live on a rural property then you are fortunate to allow your cat to run free but in town it is a different matter.

Over the years we as a family have had different kinds of cats as well as other animals i.e. dogs, goats, horses, pigeons, chickens, bantams, fish, pigs, sheep, rabbits, white mice, gerbels  –  one time even an Ass was left with us for a while on one property…. but he eh/ahed so loud that we had to let him go to another home.


This was our boy Cat called Harry.

 He loved to be in on everything even to be photographed with  the flowers.


As much as we love our Pets do you know that God our Heavenly Father loves them too, also our Children He especially loves them very much.

Just thought you may like to know:

that in the Bible  –

Matthew: Chapter 19  verse 14.

Jesus said “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


So if you happen to see a child today or someones pet

or another creature of any sort – just know that they are special – it is lovely to be kind to them.


What about this for a recipe for today:

Watermelon Salad

Watermelon,Mint (fresh or dried) Spring Onions/Scallion or Spanish or Red Onion. Which ever you prefer.

Cut Watermelon into balls or 2 cm.dice, place in large serving bowl,

add the chopped up Onion,

sprinkle in the fresh or dried mint to taste.

Cover and cool in fridge until needed.

Mix well and serve Cold with sliced – Cold Meat, Chicken or Fish.


CalicoCat 2

* Have a Lovely Day

maybe try out a new recipe

for yourself


your family today *


“Flowers for the Altar”



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