Holiday Flowers


Dog Rose by. J.M.R.Larman.

This is one of my drawings in Pencil with a splash of colour.


I have just been on holiday to Leeman in Western Australia which is just past Geraldton on the way to our Capital City of Perth.

Western Australia is called the Wildflower State as during the Winter months when we have rain, most of the State is covered in the most marvellous Wildflowers.  Acres of purple, pink, yellow or white, it can be like driving through a wonderland.

Where I live is around 1,000 kilometers from Perth, so you can imagine what a marvellous drive it can be when the flowers are covering the earth.  Not every Winter produces such an abundance as this year – so this has been very special.

Well – yes I had a lovely holiday with some of my family whom I don’t see very often due to the distance of travelling. So that was very good to see some of them for a while.


Psalm :  136 verse 26.

Give thanks to The God of Heaven.

His love endures for ever.


Just think God made all these flowers for us to enjoy.  Maybe we can put one in a vase to look at in our Kitchen today.  Feel and smell the petals, how soft they can be and the colour so beautiful, none of us could possibly make a real live flower. (Well we couldn’t could we)?  So let us just enjoy them sometimes.


This is a photo of a Dog Rose – the Petal are so soft.


Here is a tasty lunch recipe:

1 slice of Bacon – Chop into small pieces

4 small Mushrooms – cut into quarters (do not peel)

1 teaspoon Garlic – fresh or from a jar

Fry together in small fry-pan.

When  cooked keep warm on plate.

Add your Slice of Bread into pan to fry in the garlic/bacon/mushroom oil.

Eat while hot.  YUMMY!!!!!!


* Have a Lovely Day *

You may like to see my Recipe Book for Carnarvon. W.A.

recipe-bk-coveroneinch-jpeg   “Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”   —— Just Click on the words to see the book.


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