Pure Joy

RedOrangeFlwrs        RedOrangeFlwrs        RedOrangeFlwrs

The above are Photo’s of some lovely flowers that I had given to me and thought I would put them on here as the title of this page –  is Pure Joy * 


So what gives us Pure Joy???????


Well it could be anything really that makes us happy.

 Christmas is on it’s way  this month so many things could possibly add to our Joy.  It is worth thinking about instead of rushing about worrying about things.  Just to sit a few minutes and look around us at the treasures we have in our homes. 


Some of us have children many of us are now Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Brothers and Sisters.  Surely some of the family may give us Joy.

A new born Baby is a great Joy even (Pure Joy) when we look at the little one asleep in it’s bed.

Pure Joy can be:

The Cake we have just cooked, the fruit we have picked, the garden we have just planted or tidied up, or a favourite pot plant that we can look at and watch it grow over the weeks.

So what gives you Joy?……you do not have to tell me…..but just stop and think to yourself for a few minutes, maybe put your feet up and have a cuppa while you think…..there must be something however small that makes you happy to think about.

Here is a recipe…..it may give you JOY to make it….

Makes 12 Chocolate Coated Bananas.

6 – Ripe Firm Bananas; Melted Chocolate; 12-Pop Sticks….

Peel Bananas – cut in half, insert one pop stick into cut end of Banana, lay on baking sheet and freeze at least 12hrs.

Melt Chocolate of your choice in basin over hot water in a saucepan or melt in the microwave till soft enough to stir.

Dip frozen Bananas in the Hot Chocolate put back onto baking tin and keep frozen until needed.

They can be stored in individual plastic lunch bags for quite a while in your freezer.

This is a good healthy food for children and adults.


BlueStar Ani

A Verse for today:    James: 1 verse 2-3…..says:  Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

* Have a good Joyful day today *



“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”



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