Night Flower

How about these lovely Buds. They usually Bloom when it is dark and just last for the one night. They really are just Beautiful in my back Garden.

You may like this Recipe taken from my cookery Book. Carnarvon Favourite Recipes.

You may like this recipe to try something a bit different for your dinner.

A Poem:

Here is one of my Favourite Poems.

Little one sleeping there, Tender Love Divine. Little one Sleeping there, are you really mine? Has God given you to me, Tender Love Divine? Has God given you to me? Yes, – You’re truly mine.

I hope you like this poem – to me it is lovely for those who have a new born baby to look at when they are asleep as they look so beautiful. A true gift from God our Heavenly Father.

Psalm: Chapter 13 verse 6: I will sing to The LORD for He has been good to me.

*I Hope you have a Lovely Day Today *

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