If I give all I possess.


A Lovely Bouquet of Flowers for Today.

If you have no one to buy flowers for you, remember when you go shopping – maybe treat yourself to a small bunch or even a potted small plant (they last longer than the cut flowers). Instead of having a cup of coffee while shopping, the coffee money could be spent on a small potted plant to take home to look at in the kitchen or lounge room.  It is surprising how a flower in the room  can make such a difference.

Also it is lovely to surprise your friend if visiting them with a small posy of fresh picked flowers or pretty leaves from your garden.  

A good idea is to wrap the stems in a couple of tissues, wet them under the tap then lay the flowers on a square of silver cooking foil and wrap into a nice posy.

If you have any flowers in your garden this is not going to cost you any money.

Not many people seem to have a vase of flowers in their house.

Even a big Jar with fresh cut leaves can look very nice.


1 Corinthians 13 Verse 3

If I give all I possess to the poor

and surrender my body to the flames

but have not love,

I gain nothing.



 May God Bless You today, even to see, touch or smell the perfume of a Flower





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