What is Time?


What is Time?

What is time?  – Time is to live.  Time to die. Time to Forgive. Time to try.  Time to laugh.  Time to cry.  Time to sleep.  Time to sigh. Time to eat.  Time to sing.  Time to pray.

Yes  – the time is now to pray and praise God.  Any time is the right time to Praise The Lord..  Time belongs to God.

Time is Eternal.  Time is forever. Time is timeless.  Time is time past & present, here and now.  Time waits for no one.  Time is all around us.  Time is  quiet.  Time you cannot hear.  Time can heal.  Time you cannot feel.  Time you cannot see.  Time is like the wind.  Time is ever present.

 Time has gone.  Time is yet to be.  Time is NOW.

Well there we are when you think of it Time means so much, to some of us  there never seems to be enough of it during the day to get done the things that we would like to do.  Then to other people time seems to drag on because they sit and wait – maybe for a loved one to come home or maybe sitting waiting for an appointment that seems to take forever before they are seen.   Or it could be time waiting for a special phone call.

Whatever it is – Time is really important in our lives.  We have to time things just right to catch a bus or a train.  Time then means if we miss the connection we have to wait for the next one.  Oh! what a burden time can be sometimes when we are waiting and waiting.

But Joy of Joy when our waiting is not in vain for our special loved one to come  or the special gift arrives that we have been waiting for, then the Time waiting is completely forgotten.

I had better stop writing or Time will be gone for my Lunchtime.


2 Thessalonians: Chapter 3 verse 5

May The Lord direct your hearts 

into God’s Love Christ’s perseverance.


PinkRoses in vase

God Bless you today with TIME to share

& TIME to spare.





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