Upright in Heart

White Chai rFlowers

A beautiful Basket of flowers looking lovely as usual ready to take to Church.

Will try to find a Poem about Flowers today:….

Here we are this one is taken from the book of Inspirational Verse.

All the Flowers

All the flowers their faces lift

to the sky and never cry,

for anything us mortals need

except – maybe for their seed,

to carry on their fruitfulness,

of reproducing God’s good work.

In making flowers of glorious hue

for the likes of Me and You.


Just think all they need is a small seed that will grow in the likeness of the flower.  God has put a seed in each of His Creations so that they can reproduce in the likeness that it came from.

This is true of all Flora and Fauna – that includes us as Human beings, we are made in the image of God (it says that in the Bible)….. When you think of it we are reproductions of Adam and Eve….(not monkey’s or apes) they have their own seed.

Imagine a great Oak tree has grown from a small seed (called an acorn) we used to pick them up and play with them when we were children.  Also we could climb onto the Oak Trees great branches.

Just a tiny seed is all that is needed to propagate any species that you care to mention.  The same as when they were first Created by God.


Here is a verse for today:

Psalm:  7  verse 10

My shield is

God Most High,

who saves the upright in heart.


Not a very big Verse but you can always read the rest if you like in the Book of Psalms in  the Holy Bible.

BlueStar Ani

Let us try to be Upright in our Hearts today.

May God Bless us as we try  –

to walk a good life in Gods Care.

God Bless You.








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