Nice Basket with Flowers


These Flowers do look nice in this arrangement.  Yes they are ready to go and hopefully will give someone pleasure by just looking at them while sitting in Church.


Here is the First Verse of a Poem that I thought was very nice.

The Poem is called:  Where is that Special Place? 

Where is  that Special Place I yearn to be?

In the arms of my beautiful love,

in the embrace of my beloved.

Shielded and safe from the world out there.

Nighttime Flower

I don’t think that  verse needs any explantation it is a place where many people long to be.

Psalm:  101 verse 1

I will sing of your Love & Justice:

to you


I will Sing Praise.

Blue Snowflake

Well there we are  –  maybe we can sing some sort of Praise to God today – to thank him for all our Blessings…..which when you think of it are many.

I Pray you have a lovely Day today


also that you enjoy the coming week.

* God Bless You *

with His Special Love



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