Wild Horses

White Horse 2015

Painting by Artist:  J. Larman.


Here is today’s Poem:

  – Wild Horses  –

Wild as the wind the horses run.

Tossing and neighing in the sun.

God above has given us these.

Beautiful creatures  –  run in the breeze.

Toss your manes  –  hold your heads high.

Look to your Maker in the sky.

When you stand still surely you know,

God your Maker loves you so.

Sometimes, when you stand so still,

It’s as though you really know His will.

You are obedient standing there.

Even though you look and stare.

What do you think in your beautiful head?

God has clothed you and you are fed.

He gave the grass to grow for you.

The land for you to run  through.

So run my beauty  –  wild and free,

Ever more  –  for God gave you to me,

To love and appreciate, Beauty of God.

Run wild one, where no man’s trod.


Today’s Bible Quote:

Psalm: Chapter 4 verse 4

In your anger do not sin.


I hope you enjoy today’s Poem for all you people who love Horses.  When you think of it none of the Horses do sin.

Just us Human’s seem to be capable of sin  –  so if we do happend to get angry today for any reason let us not make matters worse by doing something silly.

Have a lovely Sinless Day.

BogvLantana on Seat

A Colourfful display of Golden Lantana & Bougainvillea.

 Ready for the Altar.


* God Bless You *





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