Poem: Lost Land of Teaspoons & Socks

Flwrs on table Batic

Arrangement of Flowers on Beautiful Batic used as Table Cloth


Hope you like todays Poem taken from the Book: Godly Verses by: J.M.R.Larman.

Teaspoons & Socks

Yes I scanned the Poem in so it looks a bit wonky – but never mind eh!

I think most families have a box or bag or container of some sort with lots of Odd Socks in.  When our children were little I used to keep all the Socks that I did not have time to pair up in a large cereal box – then when my Nanna came to visit it was one of the jobs that she used to like doing, pairing them up, so we did not have to send the children out in odd ones.

Years ago when one of my Brothers went to a wedding, guests were surprised to see that he had one red sock and one green one on….his response was that he had another pair like that at home.  They did not realise my Brother was colour blind.

How fortunate we are who can see.


Psalm:  13 verse 6.

I will sing to The LORD for He has  been good to me.


I Pray that The Lord has been good to you and that He will continue to be so.

* God Bless you today *






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