Live together in Unity


Red and Orange coloured Flowers make a Beautiful

Arrangement for you today.


Recipe that you may like to make:

Zucchini Bake  – Slice.

1-small….. Zucchini-grated


half cup…Vegetable Oil

1-cup…….S.R. Flour


Bacon Pieces

1-cup……Grated Cheese.

Method:  Mix all Ingredients together and put in Baking Dish in  Moderate Oven – 40 – 60- mins.

*  Quite nice when cold the next day  *

Taken from the Book: Carnarvon Recipes by J.M.R. Larman (now an e-book) can be checked out on Google.


The Title for today is: LIVE TOGETHER IN UNITY

Really it is better if we can live together in unity.  That means I believe to try to live in peace with each other, which is difficult to do sometimes especially in a large family.

Brothers and Sisters do not always agree with each other.  But even then we can back off instead of always thinking that we are the only one that is right.  Sometimes we have to compromise with each other to live in unity instead of going our own way and disowning our family.

How lovely to stay friends and accept that the other person is entitled to their view of things even if we do not agree with them.  Well what do you think….families are precious….don’t fall out just because you think you are the only one that is right.

It is good to reconcile and try to live in UNITY !!!!!

Psalm: Chapter 133 verse 1

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

The above is in our Holy Bible.


This is one of my favourite Poems:  “Little One”

Little one sleeping there,

Tender Love Divine.

Little one Sleeping there,

Are you truly mine.


Has God given you to me,

Tender Love Divine?

Has God given you to me?

 Yes, – You’re truly mine.


From the Book:  ‘For the Kingdom of God’ by J.M.R. Larman.

Blue Feather

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