Find a Flower?

Roses in Frame

Here is a painting of some Roses.  This is an Oil Painting that I did, not a very large painting but I thought it looks pretty.


Today you may like to look for a flower of some sort – maybe from your garden (not the neighbours) or from one of your pot plants to take inside.

During the Winter months that are now with us here in Australia it is a nice cheerful thing to have a flower of some sort possibly in the kitchen where we have to spend a fair bit of time cooking, eating and fixing up meals, sandwiches or feeding the family or ourselves.


Here is an easy –  Recipe for today:

Sausage Meat Patties.

250g. – Sausage meat; 1-Onion (chopped into small pieces); Pepper & Salt; Dish of Flour; Fry Pan & Oil for Frying – (approx. 2 tbsp oil).

In a bowl  – Mix Sausage meat, Onion, Pepper & Salt to taste.

Wet hands, mould a small handful into a ball, flatten, press into the flour.  Flour each side of your Patty.  Put to one side and continue until all are ready.

Heat Oil in Frying Pan, cook until golden brown on each side.  Approx…..5 minutes each side. 

Eat while hot with Vegetables for a dinner.


Put into a Hamburger Bun with Salad and Sauce.


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Isaiah: Chapter 61 verse 3

…..the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness:


That really means I think – that if we sing – we will start to feel better – or, we can put on some nice music – and the heaviness that we feel at any time will start to go away.

* Have a Lovely Day Today

and every day

in the coming week *

CalicoCat 2
eBook: Flowers for the Altar





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