Lemon Spread is very tasty !

A Beautiful Basket of Flowers = an Arrangement for our Church.....The Geraldton Wax plus the Red and Yellow Carnations also the dark Brown Leaves add a lovely touch to the Artificial Flowers in this Basket of Flowers.

* Here is the Recipe for you to make and enjoy *….

The Recipe is taken from “Carnarvon Favourite Recipes Book’

“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

You may like to click on the Link above to see part of the book.

It is nice to cook a different Recipe sometimes.

It may turn out to be a favourite.

So just think – you may have missed out on something really special,

for yourself or your family to try if you had not tested it out!

Yes there are good meat Recipes in the book, Children’s recipes as well as Jam, Pickle and Sweets to choose from.

Philippian’s: Chapter 4 verse 4. Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again Rejoice!


Let us Rejoice today even if we are unable to go out

– we are very fortunate that we can Rejoice and try something

like a new Recipe to help nourish our body,

or maybe a special treat i.e. like a new type of cake or sweet.

Sometime it is nice to make as a gift for a friend.


Here is a Link you may like to look at:

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