Today is a New Day

A Lovely Basket of Flowers to start off for the New Day.

Yes today is a New Day…. each day is different from the day before… so what are we going to do today? Let us have a think !

Perhaps we can do some cooking…… what would you like to cook today? Something different, something nice.. maybe a cake, maybe some rice, maybe a stew, let us have a look in the Recipe Book !

Well – here is a nice recipe for a Syrup Tart…. If you have never made this and you like something sweet it is very good. Can be eaten cold with Ice-cream or nice thick Cream or just on its own. Why not give it a go. It can be found on page 22 in our Recipe Book, which is available as an eBook. Will put the Link on here for you.

“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

Here is a Poem for today:

I Just Remembered

I just remembered, did I forget to do that or – did I do it and forget that I did it?

I forget now but if I do it now and  I have already done it, that means that I would have done it twice.

Best if I don’t  do it now.  I may not have done it at all if I didn’t do it in the first place.

What a dilemma, why did I just think that I hadn’t done it, then think that maybe I had.

Well I remember thinking that I should but I wonder if I did.

  The best thing is to go and look I suppose – – now what was it that I think I forgot to do.

I can’t remember now, best to have a Cuppa and think about it later.


What about the Syrup Tart then?

Psalm: 3 verse 5. I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because The Lord sustains me. (This is from the Bible)

Sometimes we are like sheep that have gone astray – but it is nice to be back in the fold and enjoy our day.

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