Charm is deceptive

                    PinkRoses in vase

Just a Basket of lovely Roses and Geraldton Wax, flowers ready to take to Church.


For todays Poem I thought this would be a good one about our children.  It is called:…………..

                                  Your Children

Your children are not pets you know, they are little Girls and Boys. They are not things that you have found. They are not  –  to be used as toys.

Each little Child has a heart you know, that God Himself put there and as the child begins to grow, it fills with love, for Him to share.

As a Christian it’s your job you know to tell your child of Jesus.  Let Him know and understand  –  that Jesus wants to please us.

Our Father in Heaven is God, you know, so don’t deny your Child;  Love him and tell him while he is young, don’t let him just run wild.

You can sing and rock him with love, just as Mary did with her  bundle of joy, sent from God our father in Heaven  –  who was  –  Jesus, His own little Boy.

So your children are not pets you know, they are here to bring God glory.  So hold them gently, sing to them and tell them  Jesus Story.



Proverbs:  31  verse 30

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting:

but a woman who fears THE LORD is to be praised.


Well not just a woman but for a man as well, it is good to have that inner beauty: i.e. peace, love, joy, compassion in our hearts.  We should not rely on being beautiful and charming on the outside just to please people –  if our hearts are not pleasing to God.


I pray that we have a lovely Day

and that God  will Bless Us.

* Amen *