A Good Memory

Can you see the busy Little Bee on the flower – this is on of my better photos. These Daisy Flowers grow close to the ground and make a lovely picture.

Today I thought we would have a sort of Poem about remembering things…. as we get a bit older we do tend to forget a few things and have to stand and think for a moment whether we a coming or going or where we have put something that we cannot find.

Then sometimes when we are looking for the lost item – we then may wonder what we are actually looking for. For some people it can be their glasses to hunt for – eventually finding they already have them on their face.

Maybe you have never gone into another room and stood at the door wondering why you are going in there to get something……and can’t remember what it was!!! Well, that day may one day come – you never know.

So best thing is to go back to where you were – look around and you suddenly may remember what you were going into the next room for, it may be a simple as that.!

Here is my Poem……. hope you like it:

I Just Remembered

I just remembered, did I forget to do that, or – did I do it and forget that I did it?

I forget now but if I do it now and  I have already done it, that means that I would have done it twice.

Best if I don’t do it now.  I may not have done it at all if I didn’t do it in the first place.

What a dilemma, why did I just think that I hadn’t done it, then think that maybe I had.

Well I remember thinking that I should but I wonder if I did.

  The best thing is to go and look I suppose – now what was it that I think I forgot to do.

I can’t remember now, best to have a Cuppa and think about it later.


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I hope you have a lovely day remembering all nice things.


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