Happy Day

Here is a lovely arrangement of Roses on my old Vintage looking settee.

Sometime the old things are most comfortable and we don’t want to change them for upmarket looking things.

 As we get older it is nice to have our familiar belongings around us.


Many young people like to follow the newest trends in whatever the fashion is at the time.

 That is why we have all the Road Side Curb Crawl days to throw out the used goods and buy new.

Well some of us can’t keep up with the Jones’es nor do we need to because we like to keep our Vintage Treasure’s and use our hard earned finance to fund something else to use it for: – maybe a holiday or to help our family or friends.

However it is good to find a really good bargain along the Road Side Curb to help us when we are in need of a helping hand.

This is a good way to Recycle that thing that we don’t need any more:

Put it out for someone else to use or to treasure.


Well enough about recycling -here is a Recipe for today:

+ Cheese Dreams +

2 – Slices Sandwich  Bread. Cheese to cover one Slice.  Frying Pan. Oil for Frying.

Put cheese on one Slice of Bread, Cover with the next Slice. 

Cover base of Frying Pan with Oil, when Oil is hot carefully put in your Cheese Dream and fry until golden brown underneath then turn over and brown the next side.

* The Cheese will melt and be YUMMY! *

If you like you can sprinkle some mixed herbs on the cheese before cooking or sprinkle some Garlic on to the cheese for a different taste.

The best one I have found is to sprinkle some Thyme Herb on the cheese before you put the other slice on top.

Now that Winter is coming this is really good with Egg and Bacon for a hearty Breakfast or Lunch – or just on it’s own!!!!!!

This is also a good one to put on the B.B.Q.


Here is a Bible Verse:  Psalm: 27  verse 1.  The Lord is my light and my Salvation – whom shall I fear?

  *  Well we don’t have to have any fear – 

we can make a Cheese Dream today and have a Happy Day  *

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United as Friends

A lovely Basket of Flowers.

This was on our back Patio with Harry (cat) checking it out.


You may like to make yourself a really nice Basket of Flowers for Easter.  If you have a garden it is amazing what you can find in the way of flowers and leaves to make something special.  Put the flowers in a vase or jar of water that is if you do not have Wet Flower Oasis to put them in.

 Then stand them in some sort of basket or a larger bowl.

Once you have organized your lovely Flower Arrangement put it on a table or somewhere for you to look at over the next few days.

  It can bring much joy to any visitors or family that come to your home.


Recipe for today:  Banana Cake:-   (Very Easy to make)………..

Use your favourite plain cake or sponge recipe – or a Vanilla Packet Mix.

Add – 1 or 2 Ripe Bananas (mashed)

Cook in the usual way.  Decorate when cool and Eat.

(Lemon Flavour Butter Icing) is nice to cover your cake.

From: Carnarvon Favourite Recipe Book.

“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”


Here is a Poem:

All the Flowers:

All the flowers their faces lift

to the sky and never cry,

for anything us mortals need

except – maybe for their seed,

to carry out their fruitfulness,

of reproducing God’s good work,

in making flowers of glorious hue

for the likes of Me and You.


Psalm:  133 verse 1:  Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!


* I hope you have a lovely Day *

   * Maybe pick some flowers and make a cake.???? *

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Aniseed Shortbread !

This is a Basket of Flowers ready to for our Church taken from my garden.


Today is a new Day.

Let us see what we can with it –  maybe achieve something nice for ourselves or our friends.

I have already typed things on the wrong site so am now trying to get back on track and produce this page for my Blog.

Just know that if we do start off doing the wrong thing we still may have time during the day to do the right thing.  Let us hope so. !!!


Here is a Recipe for today:

Aniseed Short Bread:

250 g – Butter or Cooking Margarine:

1 cup – Raw Sugar:

3 cups – S.R. Flour;

2 tsp – Dried Aniseed.

Melt Butter in Saucepan, stir in Sugar & Flour.

Put mixture into a shallow oiled baking tin.

Smooth over with spoon & sprinkle with the Aniseed.

Bake 180 deg.C (350 F)approx. 30 mins.

Cut into squares and leave to cool in baking tin.


The above recipe is one of my favourites it is very nice – also easy to make. This is taken from my Recipe Book:

Carnarvon Favourite Recipes:    “Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

You may like to check the book out and find yourself another good recipe to cook.

Don’t forget to look at a flower today.  !!!

Have a Good Day.

Psalm 25 verse 1: To you, O LORD, I lift up my soul;Can you really say – I lift up my soul to you O LORD.   Have you ever read this Psalm ? If not how about reading it  during your prayer time. From the book ‘Drink from the Cup’ by: J.M.R. Larman.


Belated Valentine Day


Apricot Rose is an Original Painting on Canvas.

By. J.M.R. Larman.


It is nice to have a rose for Valentine’s Day, however we are a bit late for that but never the less we can celebrate with our love one’s each and every day of the year, not just once a year.

How lovely it used to be when we were teenagers (years ago for me I know) but each Valentine’s Day we would wonder who would want us to be their Valentine.  We would wait for a card to arrive by mail or from a friend who would hand it to us if our so called Valentine was too shy to give it to us.

Yes we did get disappointed when it did not come from the one we had hoped for and would look around to see who they had favored instead of ourselves.

Then of course there we those who sent them as a joke (that would be very upsetting) but to receive one anyway was something special all those years ago.   No one put their name on the card – so it was nearly always a guessing game.

I hope you have a lovely caring Valentine to call your own,

if so show them that you love them too.


Here is a recipe you may like to cook for them:


Taken from my book Carnarvon Favourite Recipes.


“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”


“Flowers for the Altar”


A Bible Verse that asks us to walk in love:

2 John: Chapter 1 verse 6.  And this is love;

that we walk in obedience to His commands.

As you have heard from the beginning,

His command is that you walk in love.


I hope you have a lovely day with your beloved Valentine or with your friends and family.


Anniversary Day !


A lovely Display of Carnations and Gypsophila (some call Baby’s Breath)

I thought this looked so nice to put on here – as today would be our Wedding Anniversary.


You can always make a nice arrangement for yourself

when it is your anniversary of any kind.

 The best thing to allow the flowers to stand where you want them – is to use Wet Oasis to hold them in place.  Most of us have Al-foil that we use for cooking, that can be used to put in the vase or container if you do not have the coloured paper as in the photo above.

Also if you have a piece of ribbon to make a bow

that adds a bit of extra niceness to your arrangement.

Remember to pamper yourself for your anniversary- even with just one flower in a vase as a memory of what that anniversary is for. 

Rose Bud

Just one Flower can bring back memories, if your loved one is not here.

Memories are something to treasure.


Maybe Celebrate with a Recipe:


Taken from the book: “Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”

Hope you enjoy this if you are willing to try it…..it is very nice.


Here is a  Bible Verse.

Proverbs: Chapter 4 verse 1 – says:

Listen my sons, to a father’s instruction; pay attention and gain understanding.


I Suppose if we pay attention to the above recipe

we will end up with a really good dinner.


* I hope you Have a Good Day Today *


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Don’t be Fearful


This is a beautiful hanging Basket of a Coleus Plant.

I thought you may like to see this lovely hanging basket that I had a few years ago.  It goes to show that you can do something different instead of just putting this particular plant in a pot or in the ground.  It seemed to love being up high and even produced some flowers as you can see in the photo.

Yes we did have a drip going in – to water it, the drip was on a timer with other hanging baskets at the time.  You can of course water by hand with one of those watering cans with a long spout. 

Don’t be fearful – it is a lovely hobby to experiment with your plants – then to enjoy showing them off to your friends.  Lots of cuttings can be taken from this plant and they will grow quite easily for you

Hope you can have some fun planting a new plant soon and watching it grow and flourish, even a small one in a pot.

Rose Bud

Recipe for today:

Jam Tarts Recipe

Recipe is from Carnarvon Favourite Recipes Book. By. J.M.R. Larman


Available from:


“Carnarvon Favourite Recipes”


Bible Verse:  Psalm: 27 verse 1   The Lord is my light and my Salvation – whom shall I fear?


So today let us not be fearful of things or people.  Let us not be fearful to try new things even just to plant that new plant or to cook something new for dinner  –  maybe some Jam Tarts as in the above recipe – they are delicious with the coconut on them.

Children can have fun making them with your help – so don’t be fearful to help your child to learn to cook.

I know they make a big mess but if they cook it (or help you) they are more likely to want to eat it. 

Learning to cook and fend for themselves with different recipes helps them in lots of ways, with reading the recipes, mixing the ingredients, talking and asking questions as well it helps their comprehension of measurements, oven temperatures or just cooking on top of the stove.

* Have a lovely messy day –

fearlessly cooking something nice for yourself or a friend *

May God Bless You & Me today



“Flowers for the Altar”










Pure Joy

RedOrangeFlwrs        RedOrangeFlwrs        RedOrangeFlwrs

The above are Photo’s of some lovely flowers that I had given to me and thought I would put them on here as the title of this page –  is Pure Joy * 


So what gives us Pure Joy???????


Well it could be anything really that makes us happy.

 Christmas is on it’s way  this month so many things could possibly add to our Joy.  It is worth thinking about instead of rushing about worrying about things.  Just to sit a few minutes and look around us at the treasures we have in our homes. 


Some of us have children many of us are now Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Brothers and Sisters.  Surely some of the family may give us Joy.

A new born Baby is a great Joy even (Pure Joy) when we look at the little one asleep in it’s bed.

Pure Joy can be:

The Cake we have just cooked, the fruit we have picked, the garden we have just planted or tidied up, or a favourite pot plant that we can look at and watch it grow over the weeks.

So what gives you Joy?……you do not have to tell me…..but just stop and think to yourself for a few minutes, maybe put your feet up and have a cuppa while you think…..there must be something however small that makes you happy to think about.

Here is a recipe…..it may give you JOY to make it….

Makes 12 Chocolate Coated Bananas.

6 – Ripe Firm Bananas; Melted Chocolate; 12-Pop Sticks….

Peel Bananas – cut in half, insert one pop stick into cut end of Banana, lay on baking sheet and freeze at least 12hrs.

Melt Chocolate of your choice in basin over hot water in a saucepan or melt in the microwave till soft enough to stir.

Dip frozen Bananas in the Hot Chocolate put back onto baking tin and keep frozen until needed.

They can be stored in individual plastic lunch bags for quite a while in your freezer.

This is a good healthy food for children and adults.


BlueStar Ani

A Verse for today:    James: 1 verse 2-3…..says:  Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

* Have a good Joyful day today *



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